July 19th, 2004
Cool Scripts, General

I now have a method for everyone to quickly share files on the internet without having to use any tools and/or accounts beside your browser. If you need to quickly share a file with a friend or a coworker or need to send a file home and do not have the capability to send it through email or otherwise, you can use this tool. Some of the features of this tool includes:

  • Password protected, random filename generation
  • Simple upload and download
  • Files get purged in seven days, no stagnation
  • Simple to remember and simple to pass along
  • Complete anonymity

In order to protect myself from abusers, I do record information about each user (which will never be used for any purpose besides accountability for your uploads). Put it through its paces and see what you think.

UploadBin can be found at

Please post bugs and/or comments, this will be ported to Perl and CF as well.




  1. sandeep (1 comments.) says:

    hey. nice service. but the process shouldnt display my password publicly. i would suggest the pword be made into *’s or whatever and even onthe next screen. please don’t reproduce the pword itself. if u must, then i cant use this service in public places with ppl lookin’ over.
    best regards

  2. Mark (7 comments.) says:

    Ahhh, very good point. Simple fix as well.

  3. p@ says:

    Dude… nice service!

    Any way to get the source for this?

  4. Charles says:

    So rather than rewriting the wheel, you mind sharing the source code? Really great idea actually.


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  2. Upload 2 UploadBin!!
    Mark has setup a nice service for all of us. :D Its UploadBin. :D :D Yeah, you can upload your files to this place & have them password protected. You just have to browse a file on your computer that you wanna upload, supply a password to protect i…

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