WordPress Theme Releases for 05/21


Dayvan is a two column, white and black and brown theme.

Twister is a simple two column, widget ready theme.

Cleanalicious is a clean, Web 2.0 trend-following, widget-ready WordPress theme. Easy to customize & very flexible to suit many bloggers’ needs. Based on the Dirtylicious Design by Arcsin.

GenkiTheme is a clean and minimalistic, fluid 3-columns widget ready with a floating sidetab on the left.

Bobbles is a widgetize 3 column unique wordpress theme. Dark shade skin with cloudy bobble effect and integrated with mybloglog and social network

Gratisl is a nice and plain wordpress theme with right sidebar, header and footer. Gratisl is good for who likes big fonts. (Contains Sponsored Links)

Bluezone is a fixed black and blue theme with a hint of bling. (Contains Sponsored Links)

BlueCon is a fluid blue theme, simple as pie, and the lightest shades of blue. (Contains Sponsored Links)

Mezzo is a 3 column adsense ready theme. (Contains Sponsored Links)

Check out these two posts of theme releases by Themey. (Contains Sponsored Links)

SpringAir is a green and blue theme with bright vibrant, spring colors. (Contains Sponsored Links)

VistaBlog is a light theme inspired by Windows Vista. (Contains Sponsored Links)

YGo Mystery is a simple three column widget ready theme with dark colors. (Contains Sponsored Links)




  1. ttancm (34 comments.) says:

    I like the Bobbles theme quite a bit, and this isn’t a criticism of the theme, but it looks like it does have (removable) sponsored links?

  2. rkcorp (8 comments.) says:

    thanks ajay for featuring the themes.

    thanks ttancm, glad you dig the theme..yes i did noted some license info inside the theme and mention that the author link and sponsorship link should not be remove and if by any chance the theme user strongly decided to remove the link..they can choose to blog about the theme and mention the author and sponsors link in their post.

    not sure if that’s a good way for both party but in that way a full coverage in blog post can implement and benefit for author and friendly sponsors if 9/10 users decided to stripe the footer link without the concern of the cc license…

  3. Jenny (24 comments.) says:

    i like the genki theme. it’s nifty.

  4. Aaron (1 comments.) says:

    A sponsored theme called Gratis! which requires outbound links to sponsors — the irony.


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