WordPress Plugin Releases for 1/27

January 27th, 2007
WordPress, WordPress Plugins

Tippy gives you a way to include highly configurable tooltips in your WordPress site.

Thumbnail, based on DynamicDrive libs lets you display image links so that they popup in the same window. Preview is available on the plugin page.

btc-meta lets you add html-meta description, html-meta-keywords and html-meta-robot tags to posts or pages.

My Video lets you embed videos from YouTube and Google Video in your post.




  1. Matt (23 comments.) says:

    The btc-meta page is in German, but the plugin is in English. Weird. (Same for the first one… starts off in another language and then goes into English.)
    Also, the HTML that is generated from My Video is not valid according to the W3 validator. I might be wrong – it was very early in the morning when I checked it.

  2. Murph (2 comments.) says:

    How do I get my plugins posted here? I have a couple that I’m working on.

  3. Levi Putna (1 comments.) says:

    All the My Video plugin douse is replaces the tag with the code provided by youtube and google, if it is good enough for youtube it is good enough for me. :) This was the first plugin I ever made so if you have any comments or suggestions I would live to hear them

  4. Ajay (72 comments.) says:

    @Matt, have you tried contacting the plugin author to tell him his code is not compliant?

    @Murph, you can post in the News forum.

  5. Ivan (4 comments.) says:

    New wordpress theme released ->
    Test run of this tema ->

    Thanks ;)

  6. sveva says:

    ….non ci capisco nulla!!!

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