WordPress Theme Releases for 1/27


Akon is a two column, simplistic, minimalist, light colored theme for WordPress with a very nice header image. Preview here.

ZedSimple is a simple one column layout. Preview

FlyAway is a 2-column wordpress 2.0 theme with Custom Header support with the header wallpaper by KoL. Preview

Small Potato has released three more themes viz. Quadruple Blue, Zip It and Fruitlicious




  1. Ralph Dagza (1 comments.) says:


  2. Matt (23 comments.) says:

    Akon is the only one in the list that I would say are pretty decent; and on a side self promotion note, Bare v2 is available (early release because I’ll be out of town over the weekend starting… now.

  3. Mares says:

    I like Akon, but love Bare, glad I ran across the mention of v2.

  4. Alistair (5 comments.) says:

    I think Akon looks quite a bit like the Pearsonified Cutline.


  5. RyanB (4 comments.) says:

    Diferencial would get my vote if it was spelt correctly and the children sat correctly…

  6. adam (39 comments.) says:

    akon is cutline. i saw him start with cutline on arenawp, and take it apart.

    because he doesn’t credit chris, and chris’ theme is cc-by-sa, the theme is illegal to redistribute. you should consider whether you want to link to such themes.

  7. marianne says:

    this kineda’s ‘akon is a blatant ripoff…from the talented and oft copied, . chris pearson’s design.

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