WordPress Plugin Releases for 6/18

June 18th, 2007
WordPress Plugins

affilisoftware lets you sell software on your WordPress site.

FCKEditor has been upgraded to version 2.4.3. New features include the ability to enable/disable the Firefox spellchecker while typing, the ability to set default link target, being able to turn off the FCKEditor button in the Write menu, and a fix for file uploads.

Jtags is a plugin for WordPress that allows you to call php functions from your posts using ordinary XML-like tags. A jtag is a series of name=value pairs where the first one listed (by convention) is the function name to call and the rest are parameters.

OnlyWire Autosubmitter submits your site to your OnlyWire account and to 16 other social bookmarking sites from there.

SEO_WordPress reduces duplicate content on your blog. The plugin essentially ‘herds’ googlebot and other spiders to the content you want indexed. The result? A much more search engine friendly blog and better indexing.

Spell WordPress is for those who are fastidious about making sure the trademark name is always spelled correctly.

Target Blank In Posts And Comments opens links in blog posts and pages in a new tab or window, thus keeping visitors on your site.

Virtual Keyboarddisplays a virtual keyboard when writing a post (or a page if required); several keyboard are available for various languages and characters. The plugin handles the bi-directionality for the hebrew keyboard.

WordPress Video Plugin lets you easily add video to your WordPress installation from a wide variety of video sites. Support includes sites like YouTube, Google video, Clipfish, Liveleak, Sevenload, and many others.




  1. EXiT WEB (27 comments.) says:

    Nice plug-ins, thank you! Specially the one with the spelling and with the insert of a video.

  2. Haris (1 comments.) says:

    I like the video and the auto-submitter plugin.

  3. Ozh (88 comments.) says:

    Yes the one that correctly spells WordPress is really great ! :)

  4. Matt Keegan (8 comments.) says:

    Thank you for the video plug-in. I had been looking for one that would do the job and it looks like you have supplied just what I need.

  5. Honest Ape (1 comments.) says:

    If there’s one thing I’ve learned while running several blogs, it’s this: People HATE it when you decide how their links should open. If they want to open something in a new tab, they will. Setting the outgoing links to automatically open a new tab or window will piss a lot of people (myself included) off. Just my two cents. Not bagging on the plugin at all. Whatever floats your boat, y’know?

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