Writely – The Web Word Processor


Writely – The Web Word Processor: Though this app is trying to find a niche, I find little use for it outside of the corporate arena (reminds me of Exchange Public Folders on steroids). However, the remotely hosted nature might deter those corporate souls. This app will let you create/edit your word processing documents online while sharing it with a bunch of people. Neat features include simultaneous editing, MS Word/Open Office integeration, RSS feeds for public documents etc. The service is free.




  1. Rich Schmidt says:

    So it’s similar to Zoho Writer? I just stumbled across it yesterday, sounds pretty similar…

  2. Teli (24 comments.) says:

    I’m not a corporate writer, however, I do find some use for it.

    Since MS Word (or OpenOffice) take so long to load, I find myself going crazy if I just need to write a quick article with formatting.

    I wouldn’t use it for any super secret documents, but so far it’s quite enjoyable.

    I can see a market for it – especially for people who do a lot of writing, can’t be bothered with launching MS Word/Open Office every other minute, and/or need the ability to work on those documents from multiple computers.

  3. apoorv (1 comments.) says:

    There is a similar one for creating excel sheets also. I blogged abt this sometime back here

  4. Lelia Katherine Thomas (15 comments.) says:

    In my opinion, Writely is priceless as a creative writing utility. Its ability to tag work, host it on a server outside of my own (and therefore back it up and have it available from other computers), and easy-on-the-eyes interface makes it worth a lot to me.

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