October 4th, 2006
Cool Scripts, LinkyLoo

WriteToMyBlog: This post has been written in WriteToMyBlog. It is a free word processor for your blog with TinyMCE like rich text editing features. There are still some annoyances and browser based bugs but if your blog editor is not as full of features, this might be an alternative. I am still not sure how this will post to my blog, but I am willing to give it a shot. Thanks LifeHacker [EDIT] Interesting, it actually goes through the whole posting process, asks for the blogging tool, the location, credentials etc. It then goes through and asks for the categories to choose from and posts the blog. You can even save your credentials and add other blogs for future use. I guess this could be an alternative way to post stuff to your blog but the concept is still lost to me. If I have access to the web, I have access to the posting interface of my blog (might not be true for other blogging tools). Interesting execution nonetheless. It did bbother me that I had to provide the credentials to my blog though the page does state that the credentials are not stored remotely.




  1. Lloyd D Budd (15 comments.) says:

    My only guess is that it is not really meant for the WP audience, but for blog platforms with privative editors? I can’t see the service going anywhere.

  2. Teli (24 comments.) says:

    This sounds like it would be a good service for network managers or those who need to maintain a large number of blogs.

    Having all of the blogs stored in one location that can be accessed from any web browser would save them from logging in and posting to each blog individually.

    ~ Teli

  3. Jan Stedehouder (2 comments.) says:

    I share the suspicion here, since I have yet to meet any content management system that could not be edited online, and that goes for all supported blogs:
    A: WriteToMyBlog has been tested with the following Blog services:, TypePad,, WordPress and Movable Type. WriteToMyBlog also support the MetaWeblog and Atom API protocols.

  4. vamsi (7 comments.) says:

    um.. useful for blog managers not for single blog owners. probably like an desktop blog tool like the windows live writer?

  5. Geren (14 comments.) says:

    Yeah, like Live Writer. So, why do we need another one of these?

  6. Mark (1 comments.) says:

    Thanks very much for the comments.
    The idea behind WriteToMyBlog was simple; I needed to add a table to a post and tried every blog client out there. None could so I wrote one. That’s it, as simple as that. As a bonus you can, style text, multi language spell check, add tags, post to more than one blog at a time and view/edit posts. And it’s completely free.

  7. Lloyd D Budd (15 comments.) says:

    Well good luck with that Mark of Seems very niche. I am a bit of a loss what to suggest.

    Drupal, WordPress or any other blog platform that uses TinyMCE could be customized to achieve the same. And Performancing and Flock are both extensible.

    I think that power users want desktop solutions.

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