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January 6th, 2006
Cool Scripts

Find Music You’ll Love – Pandora: If online music is your thing, I recently came upon the Music Genome Project and now Pandora. Tell them the name of a band that you like to listen to and listen to the streaming channel instantly created for you from their library. You can mark a song as a “like or dislike”, buy it for iTunes, from Amazon etc. A bunch of other features for Music lovers. I am quite impressed with the interface, with the features and the fact that it is still free, streams high quality music and still has no ads on their site. As usual, their blog gives a human face to the product. Very cool code!

Now why can’t Y! Unlimited come up with something similar that can be accessed with little hassle? (I know they have something close to it, but nothing even remotely similar in usability).




  1. Michael Pate (2 comments.) says:

    Anyone wanting to learn more about Pandora may want to listen to this interview with Tim Westergren of Pandora Media.

  2. CT (4 comments.) says:

    The blog’s last entry was three weeks ago; not much in the way of a human element there…

  3. publicenergy (1 comments.) says:

    Last.FM which used to be known as Audioscrobbler has been doing something similar for a long time.

  4. Kenny (3 comments.) says:

    awesome! i’ve been looking for quality streaming for quite some time. Ever since (now Y! Music) got turned into a pay-for service.

  5. sunburntkamel says: > pandora.

    pandora is the same “tell me what to listen to” structure that has plagued radio, record store “featured items”, and mtv/vh1. i get that it’s a great service for people who can’t install software (at work), but people need to stop letting ‘experts’ tell them what they like.

  6. Ozh (88 comments.) says:

    This service rock IMO
    Too bad it’s so heavy on CPU (makes firefox at 30% CPU or so) and makes things a bit choppy for other apps

  7. Al Iguana says:

    yeah, LastFM/Audioscrobbler is a much better model, its automatic stations are fantastic, since they’re based on what YOU listen to, rather than what anyone else thinks you’ll like. Its all in stats, rather than human opinion. Recommended.

  8. Primaltheory (1 comments.) says:

    Last.Fm requires you to pay for it, otherwise you have to listen to ads, the interface isn’t nearly as neat, and the quality is lower, I’ve tried both and liked pandora more.

  9. Jan Brašna (3 comments.) says:

    Indeed its function is similar to LastFM Recommended, but the presenting is better and for me the results are much better too. I really like LastFM and use it regularly, but Pandora shows me some new music I’d really like to buy.

  10. Jan (15 comments.) says:

    Just three words: this service rocks! Really cool music and it’s easy to use.

  11. JR says:

    I use Pandora to show me new songs I would have probaly never come across. The ones I like I click and it is added to my iTunes cart. Easy, clean, FREE!

  12. lightning says:

    How many people can really pinpoint their music prefrences with so many choises out there. Also, you forget the discovery element.

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