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Find Music You’ll Love – Pandora

January 6th, 2006
Cool Scripts

Find Music You’ll Love – Pandora: If online music is your thing, I recently came upon the Music Genome Project and now Pandora. Tell them the name of a band that you like to listen to and listen to the streaming channel instantly created for you from their library. You can mark a song as a “like or dislike”, buy it for iTunes, from Amazon etc. A bunch of other features for Music lovers. I am quite impressed with the interface, with the features and the fact that it is still free, streams high quality music and still has no ads on their site. As usual, their blog gives a human face to the product. Very cool code! Now why can’t Y! Unlimited come up with something similar that can be accessed with little hassle? (I know they have something close to it, but nothing even remotely similar in usability).

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