LJ Plugin Pack (including LJ Synch) Available


Unteins (Jason Goldsmith) has released a set of plugins for WordPress 1.2 that provide compatibility with LiveJournal.

The set includes:

LJ Moods – places moods at the end of WordPress Posts
LJ Music – places current musci at the end of WordPress Posts
LJ Tags – allows the use of LJ user and LJ Cut tags in WordPress Posts
LJ Synch – Synchs posts between WordPress and LiveJournal (turns WP into a very basic LJ client, it supports send mood, music and editing posts)
LJ Extras – A nice GUI interface for setting the Moods, Music and selecting which LJ journal to post to as well as whether or not to synch changes to LJ

The plugins are available now and can be downloaded at

Donations gladly accepted ;)




  1. Unteins (2 comments.) says:

    Hmmm, if you go back to edit the post on WordPress, is there an unt_lj_error custom meta data field and if so, what errors does it have?

    Otherwise, make sure you moved the class-IXR.php to the wp-includes folder in the WordPress root…..

  2. Bob Chaney says:

    I have it all set up per your instructions, all plug-ins are activated, the selection fields are present in the Write Tab, but publishing does not get it done on LJ …post occurs in local WP, but is not added to LJ

  3. Greg (1 comments.) says:

    ;D :D :) :( :|

  4. theinfamousj says:

    Maybe someone can (please) tell me what is wrong but I’ve uploaded and set everything and I keep getting this on my post page:

    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare addlinkback() (previously declared in /home/.quicken/jenni665/ in /home/.quicken/jenni665/ on line 49

    I know I’m missing the obvious. I just wish it was obvious to me.

  5. Ben (1 comments.) says:

    You know… I`m not entirely sure, since I`m still kinda new to WP and I haven`t really managed to get these LJ plugins to work for me, but I think, maybe, that somewhere you have an absolute URL noted as a relative URL… like maybe you missed a http:// in an address somewhere along the line. I could be way of base though, hope it helps if you haven`t already come up wiht a solution since Novemeber ;)


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