. . . and growing! We have had a couple of really large (Thanks to Matt and Automattic for their generous contributions towards the competition) and some smaller donations towards the final set of prizes for the plugin competition with the total purse standing at over $3500 dollars. Thanks to everyone who has donated money and time towards the competition to help make it a success. The community really appreciates your involvement. We continue to look for donations and sponsors to make the pot sweeter.

This is your chance to not only showcase your work to the WordPress community but to also win fabulous cash prizes. If you are planning on releasing a plugin for the competition, head over to the plugin competition blog, register yourself and post about your plugin there. We have had a spat of registrations but the number of announcements on the blog has been much less. Please tell us about your cool new entry; our readers would love to know and help test and fine tune your plugins for you!

For those that are following the competition and looking for cool plugins to test, there already are a couple of posts on the Plugin Competition Blog to whet your appetite. Please provide your feeback for the authors. It will help them make their plugins better and your votes (on the final entries, not on the announcements) will help tremendously in the judging.

The email address to submit entries is wpplugincomp [at] wltc [dot] net Please use this email address towards the end of the competition to send in your entries into the plugin competition. You do not need to send in your entries till the last day and sending in your entries early will not give you any advantage. On the contrary, waiting till the last moment will give you more chances to tweak and modify your plugin to your benefit.