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New Twist on Premium WordPress Themes

February 24th, 2008
Weblog tools blog tools blogging tools

Small Potato of fame has come up with a new twist for Premium Themes. Now I try very hard to stay away from promoting premium themes because of their economic nature, especially if there is no direct advantage to my readers. But SP offered a large number of freebies for my readers and I had to pass them on to you. Small Potato is starting a “WordPress Premium Themes Club” where he plans to offer twelve themes during a period of one year for a price of $5 per year in membership costs. There are four themes in the club and all new members will get the four themes and twelve more over the next 12 months. Now from a users’ perspective, if you like his work, the nominal charge is a good deal for 16 new themes and considering his promotion methods and the quality of his work, […]

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Lijit: Search Stats for your Blog


Lijit is a search tool/widget that you easily install on your blog. It lets you provide a comprehensive search of almost everything that you want, including integration with popular social networking tools such as Facebook. Lijit creates custom Google searches with your search items and then, I assume, puts up their own Google Ads in the searches. I happen to think search statistics are very important for a blogger to understand user trends, likes and dislikes. I noticed Lijit for the first time while reading about Kindling on A VC and the name Lijit reminded me of Lijjat (which is a snack from India). I did setup an account to test out the services and you can see it at work on the sidebar of this blog. The popular search cloud and pretty cool set of stats are the killer set of features I was looking for. Give it a […]

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Scriblio on WordPress makes Libraries Sing


Scriblio was released as a public Beta yesterday. For those that have not heard of Scriblio yet,from their about page, it is an award winning, free, open source CMS and OPAC with faceted searching and browsing features based on WordPress. Scriblio is a project of Plymouth State University, supported in part by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. Scriblio, is completely built on top of WordPress, is highly searchable and offers all the versatility and rich content capabilities of WordPress to the management of Library content. An example site built with Scriblio is the Lamson Library of Plymouth State University. Amazing!

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AirPress: Video Blog from your Desktop


AirPress: This post has been sitting in draft for some time, waiting for me to actually produce a video post but time has run away from me. AirPress is an Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR) based desktop blogging client that is still in beta but has a few cool features including video blogging right from the desktop with a simple webcam. At first glance I had thought that AirPress lets you post “webcam streaming” to your blog, which would have been tres cool (albeit very hard to manage) but I must have misunderstood the somewhat sparse instructions on the AirPress site. At this time, you can add flash, video, music, pictures etc through AirPress. I would have given them five thumbs up if they would have concentrated on media blogging instead of trying to be another desktop blogging client, but it definitely has potential but it also is buggy. Thanks David

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WPZipper allows you to select the plugins you want and generate a complete WordPress installation zip file. It fetches the plugins from WordPress Plugins Directory.

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