WordPress Theme Releases for 2/25


One Column Themes



WhitePaper is a one column theme which makes use of the black and white colors. The theme has a extended sidebar in the footer made up of two columns.

Demo | Release Page | Download

Two Column Themes



This is certainly one of the best themes I have seen since quite some time, the theme definitely provides website owners with lot of options with a magazine style home page customizable tabs. This theme definitely packs in quite a punch with quite a lot of features.

Demo | Release Page | Download
[EDIT] Temporarily removed for copyright violation complaints.

[EDIT] Resolved. Thanks to Brian and Justin.



This is a two column AdSense ready theme which comes built in with ad units in the posts and the sidebar. The theme provides you with comment styling and is optimized for search engines.

Demo | Release Page | Download

Nature’s Highlight


This is a two column widget ready theme with integrated plugins such as wp-email, wp-print and wp-pagenavi. The theme also provides with an advanced posting option where you can post site updates in the header.

Demo | Release Page | Download

Blue Green Harmony


The theme is a two column widget ready theme which makes use of the blue and green colors. The theme is fixed width and provides with tabbed content making use of the idTabs javascript library.

Demo | Release Page | Download




  1. Deas (1 comments.) says:

    Hey – I think all the links are currently pointed at “” by accident. And I’d love to see that Options theme’s demo site!

  2. John Kolbert (23 comments.) says:

    Hmm, is it just me or do all the links all point to “” ?

  3. Keith Dsouza (82 comments.) says:

    Thanks John and Deas the links have been fixed now and are all pointing to the right location

  4. Scott (21 comments.) says:

    Options – Way too complicated for the average user but a GREAT theme! I’m playing with it on a test site. The others operate and look as advertised with the exception of blue_green_harmony. With an RSS widget in the sidebar, and long titles for the posts, it makes for a funny look on the rendering. I’m still working on what its doing and will contact the author once I figure it out.

  5. jesse (2 comments.) says:

    First time I’m commenting here on themes, but Options is an awesome Theme. Nice horizontal navigation and accordian tabs. The author did a really good job.

  6. Abeku (1 comments.) says:

    The Option themes is awesome, i also on test it on my test site. The author did a good job.

  7. Pranav Rastogi (2 comments.) says:

    All the links are pointing to the same URL! Needs to be fixed.

  8. One Winged Angel (1 comments.) says:

    Thank you for featuring my Whitepaper theme.

  9. Jeffro2pt0 (164 comments.) says:

    Wow, Justin Tadlock has outdone himself this time with that Options theme.

    However, if you take a look at you’ll notice where he gets his (inspiration) from. I don’t know where I stand on this. You say can say he was inspired by Brian Gardners theme or you can say he ripped it and did his own version which unfortunately, still resembles too much of the original product. I don’t want to start a flame war, but let’s try to figure out what is going on here.

  10. Tadd (89 comments.) says:

    WOW! I love Option … while it definitely takes aspects of Revolution, I don’t think he ripped the theme per say – I’d see it more as inspiration. Since it’s not exactly like it – I wouldn’t see it has anything BUT inspired.

  11. TheTick (17 comments.) says:

    Really nice themes all around. One of the better crops of recent themes featured here.

  12. Momu (4 comments.) says:

    I can’t belive that such a theme is free of charge :|
    Man, you have overdone the majority of themes (free or payed).

  13. Mosey says:

    I like the look of Option too! Is there really copyright violation here? If the coding does differ, even if they do look rather similar, then is it ok to assume that it’s alright? I always get a bit confused about these things.:)

  14. Mary says:

    Options does appear to have been lifted from the creator of Revolution. It’s the equivalent of copying from an encyclopedia and changing a few of the words.

  15. Thomas Clausen (3 comments.) says:

    How can you tell that it’s a rip-off? It look similar, but that doesn’t make it a rip-off, just says that the guy is inspired by maybe!

    I actually think it looks more like some of these premium themes: especially the teaser of the featured posts. But then again, are these then rip-offs from the Revolution theme?

    Is the guy being judged on suspicion or evidence, that’s my question?

  16. buzzdroid (1 comments.) says:

    Whether or not it is a copyright violation, it is nice to see wltc discuss the issue and apparently err on the side of caution. Although it would be impossible because of the sheer volume of themes submitted via the news feeds at wltc, I would like to see you guys do something like this with the theme submissions that appear in the sidebar as well.

  17. Momu (4 comments.) says:

    I agree with Thomas Clausen! When you accuse some person for ‘theft’, you better bring the evidence ;)

  18. Len says:

    Gotta respectfully disagree Jeffro2pt0 – I don’t think Justin ripped anything. Have you seen his other magazine-style themes, most notably Structure and Visionary?

  19. Jeffro2pt0 (164 comments.) says:

    Ok, before this gets out of hand, no one is accusing anyone of anything yet. I just happen to point out that the Options theme seems to almost resemble Revolution Pro Media in every way. From the dual navigation menus, to the same navigation font layout to almost the same exact icons on the top, not to mention the colors being used although Revolution Pro Media does use some grey.

    Some of you, including myself think that the Options theme is downright awesome, especially considering it’s free. But the fact of the matter is, before Options was released, we had a theme that had very similar features and a look to it that cost money. But because Options is Free, who the hell is going to purchase Revolutions Pro Media now. This theme isn’t an exact replica, but you have to imagine that it might be taking some money out of Brian Gardners pocket at some point.

  20. Jeffro2pt0 (164 comments.) says:

    Ok, I didn’t see that the link to the theme was removed due to copyright violation. Just want to say I had no part in that decision! I was merely bringing up the issue to see where it would end up.

  21. anonymous says:

    Jeffro2pt0 raises a good point. It would be interesting to hear what Brian thinks of this. Assuming that he wrote the code for his theme (I’m not saying he did or didn’t, I’m just posting an assumption), he should know if the Options Theme in question contains any pieces of it.

  22. Darryl (4 comments.) says:

    Recreating someone’s theme isn’t really that hard to do even if you don’t have access to the code. It just takes some design skills, coding skills, and a little time. It’s just not that difficult to look at a site and recreate it.

    Determining whether copyright violations exist will be difficult because a lot of the coding will be similar due to wordpress themes requiring some form of “The Loop”, or variations of it.

  23. Darryl (4 comments.) says:

    Forgot to mention…

    There are quite a few differences in the themes. It looks to me as if he dressed Structure to resemble Revolution Pro

    But that’s my personal opinion.

  24. jim says:

    The Revolution theme still looks very good, and inherently better designed.

  25. Momu (4 comments.) says:

    Can someone tell us who is this issue resolved? What Brian and Justin said?

  26. Small Potato (19 comments.) says:

    Options = Revolution = Premium News = Options = Revolution…
    This discussion should mark the end of magazine themes.

  27. Momu (4 comments.) says:

    Hy SP, nice to read your thoughts about this subject. Why so? A magazine theme is a theme style not a commercial thing ;)

  28. Small Potato (19 comments.) says:

    @Momu – I meant the layouts and features are all very similar. And now, we have a theme like Options available for free. If anyone wants to continue this magazine trend then that person should come up with something new. Otherwise, we’ll probably have this same discussion again.

    As for adding more features to these magazine themes, there’s only so much you can add until you’re the only one who knows how to fully use it.

    I think really featured-packed themes should be saved for those in need of a custom theme.

  29. Jeffro2pt0 (164 comments.) says:

    Hey Small Potato, you raise some really interesting points that make me want to write an editorial piece on the subject of the magazine style of themes. You also raise an incredible point in that, once a theme becomes so feature packed, only the creator knows how to unlock it’s potential. We already see some of this taking place with themes that use Custom Fields and the like. I think it’s time for themes to go all WIDGETS :)

  30. Brian Gardner (3 comments.) says:

    I just want to briefly address this situation – when Options was originally released, the layout was MUCH different than it is now. It was quite obvious that at the time, the similarities were too obvious, which is why people notified me, and why I pursued conversation with Justin. He did have an “inspired” by note on his page, but at the time, I believe it was more than “inspired” by, which is why I got in touch with him. Since then, he has gracefully changed the design of his theme, which is why some of you think it’s not a replica of my site, as it originally “appeared” to be. I do appreciate all of those who contacted me regarding this, and understand that it’s easy to find inspiration in design elements.

    Furthermore, I just want to point out that although the internet world is massive, it doesn’t take long for me (or other theme designers) to find out questionable things that other people do with our themes. I’m all for competition, themes “inspired by”, and so on, but there really wasn’t an issue on my side with Justin’s theme, since he took ownership of the situation and reacted by changing his look.

    The bottom line is that whether people use free or premium themes on their site, WordPress is ultimately promoted. I know there have been a lot of “hot topics” related to premium themes, but we are all in the same community, and shouldn’t be throwing stones at each other. The only time I am bothered by what happens is when people blatantly or maliciously affect me and my business – something that Justin did not do.

  31. Tapeleg (8 comments.) says:

    Brian – Very stand-up of you. Due respect.

  32. Dem (1 comments.) says:

    “Magazines themes” C´mon!…

    it’s just my opinion… but… “magazine themes” should be used only by the author. They are so “rigid”!… I love magazine themes, but if i use one i’ll use one of mines.

    Small Potato why do you hate so much Magazinre themes? it’s true… They are not bloooogs like WordPress used to be…. but….let’s them have options. BTW i love your blog designs Potato :P :)

  33. Brandt (1 comments.) says:

    Not to be a jerk, but it’s not that hard to make a theme that looks like the Revolution themes these days. Justin’s themes are definitely different and I am running a modified version of one of his themes at with lots of great compliments.

  34. Binh Nguyen (12 comments.) says:

    Thanks for this I found 2 usable themes.


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