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The theme team will be retiring the sorely out of date PressRow theme in favor of the new Pilcrow theme. The new Pilcrow theme is incredibly similar in style to PressRow, but supports all WordPress 3 feature, like custom menus and featured images, and boasts six layout configurations and four color schemes. Those of you who use Custom CSS along with the PressRow theme, may be interested in this very short list of CSS differences in Pilcrow. PressRow will be officially phased out next week, but Pilcrow is available in the Appearance section of your blog’s Dashboard if you’d like to switch to it or try it out before that happens. Pilcrow will soon be available to self-hosted WordPress users via the official theme directory. Are you a PressRow user? What do you think of the new Pilcrow theme?

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The theme team has quickly phased out Cutline across all blogs, replacing it with the visually similar Coraline. According to the theme team, Coraline is “an improved version of [Cutline]. It has a similar visual design, and adds many new features.” The forced change has not been taken well by many users, particularly those who purchased the custom CSS upgrade specifically to modify Cutline. Numerous users have cited that although Coraline is functionally superior and visually similar to Cutline, it is simply not Cutline, a theme they deliberately chose for their blogs. Some have even referred to Coraline as visually inferior to Cutline. One thing is for sure, Cutline won’t be coming back. According to a recent post by Matt Mullenweg, PressRow will be the next theme on the chopping block.

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WP Theme: PressRow


WP Theme: PressRow Two column, big font theme for WordPress with large header images. Reminds me of the original FogCreek website.

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