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The theme team will be retiring the sorely out of date PressRow theme in favor of the new Pilcrow theme.

The new Pilcrow theme is incredibly similar in style to PressRow, but supports all WordPress 3 feature, like custom menus and featured images, and boasts six layout configurations and four color schemes.

Those of you who use Custom CSS along with the PressRow theme, may be interested in this very short list of CSS differences in Pilcrow.

PressRow will be officially phased out next week, but Pilcrow is available in the Appearance section of your blog’s Dashboard if you’d like to switch to it or try it out before that happens. Pilcrow will soon be available to self-hosted WordPress users via the official theme directory.

Are you a PressRow user? What do you think of the new Pilcrow theme?




  1. Ipstenu (31 comments.) says:

    The comments on the support thread are, as always, interesting.

    I admit the new theme looks nice and modern, but outright stating that part of the reason is because the theme author violates GPL is … squidgy. One part of me is glad they’re saying it because it’s a valid reason. The other part feels like it’s a bit of a witch hunt :/ Awkward sauce.

    • that girl again (41 comments.) says:

      Oh, it’s 100% down to Matt’s personal grudge against Chris and as such a massively unprofessional move, but then if your blog lives on someone else’s server you’re always going to be at the mercy of their whims. It’s probably good for users to be reminded of this fact every so often, though I could really do without the rhetoric about its out-of-dateness when there are some seriously crappy pre-2.0 themes on there left intact.

      I do advise users who are especially attached to their theme to download a backup copy from the repository so they can use it on a self-hosted install if necessary.

  2. Tes (1 comments.) says:

    What a joke, how petty from WordPress to remove this theme in this way. I had a very basic site and didn’t need the update, but I wasn’t given an option to stay as I was. STUFF YOU WORDPRESS GUYS! I’ll now throw my support behind Thesis and move over to them asap.

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