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WordPress Plugins for the Admin Side of your Blog

December 30th, 2005

For those who are not completely happy with the usability or the look and feel of the back office in their blog, there are a few plugins around, compatible with or made for WordPress 2.0, that rework or enhance the admin area. I’ll name : Paged Comment Editing By default, “Manage Comments” only list the 20 last comments. What if you were on offline holidays for a month and have a blog that receives quite a few feedback ? This plugin allows browsing of older comments with paging through them. Cat 2 Tag If you create a lot of categories, this plugin makes selection easier when writing a post : a handy “tag cloud” avoids cumbersome scrolling through a long category list. There is also a fancy “suggest category” feature that proposes categories as you type them. WordPress Admin Drop Down Menu The lazy and the productive will love it […]

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