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December 30th, 2005

For those who are not completely happy with the usability or the look and feel of the back office in their blog, there are a few plugins around, compatible with or made for WordPress 2.0, that rework or enhance the admin area. I’ll name :

  • Paged Comment Editing
    By default, “Manage Comments” only list the 20 last comments. What if you were on offline holidays for a month and have a blog that receives quite a few feedback ? This plugin allows browsing of older comments with paging through them.
  • Cat 2 Tag
    If you create a lot of categories, this plugin makes selection easier when writing a post : a handy “tag cloud” avoids cumbersome scrolling through a long category list. There is also a fancy “suggest category” feature that proposes categories as you type them.
  • WordPress Admin Drop Down Menu
    The lazy and the productive will love it : you can go from any to any admin page without having to stop by the “top level” page first. For instance, no more loading “Manage” first , and then “Comments”, since all admin links are available in a CSS driven drop down menu (demo). Admin menu the way it was meant to be (and even compatible with Tiger Admin)
  • Tiger Admin
    While adding no particular feature, this plugin completely revamp the admin part of your blog by heavily tweaking the CSS, giving your admin pages a brand new look (for Safari, Camino and Firefox only)

If you are using a plugin that adds functionnalities or redesigns the admin interface, feel free to pimp it in the comments. Also, I advise plugin authors to update their plugin descriptions over at once the administration pages will include “WordPress 2.0″ in the compatibility check list.




  1. Alex (3 comments.) says:

    The Tiger interface works great in Camino as well.

  2. China (1 comments.) says:

    Another one that makes life easier if you have to edit a lot of drafts is the .

    Especially the multi delete option is great.

  3. João Craveiro (9 comments.) says:

    Enhanced Post List: replaces the standard post listing with a much more functional listing, including browsing by category and author as well as sorting by various columns.

    CJD Notepad

    WP Admin Bar 2: not really “Admin Side”, but it’s aimed at administration

  4. peet says:

    … and what about Wordtunes 2.0 ?
    Found here :

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