Blogging Wishlist for 2006

December 30th, 2005

Yes, I lifted the idea from another blog since their focus was somewhere else.

Here is my blogging wishlist for 2006. Tell us what you wish for or trackback this post from your blog.

  • Since this is going to be the year of the aggregator (FeedDemon, Dave Winer’s effort, MSN, Google … ) I would like to find, try and settle on (maybe pay a small monthly fee) an aggregator that makes me feel as much at home as the WordPress Write page.
  • I would like to see the search engines treat splogs worse. Period.
  • In addition, I would like to see the blogging world treat plagiarism with scorn. I would like to have more transparency and less dishonesty in popular “moneymaking” content. Search engines could also play an important role in this.
  • Since blogging is already popular, I would like to see corporations using existing blogs to leverage sales and tweak their offerings to make bloggers happy. Hint: Search for your product on the web, find bloggers who talk about your product, make these bloggers happy and your product will get free and positive advertising.
  • I would like to see bloggers make more profit from their blogs. Adsense is already very viable and many bloggers are already making a killing, but there is more money to go around. Advertising and profit sharing with bloggers would make casual bloggers very happy. Happy bloggers == better content == better blogosphere.
  • I was wowed by Flickr and Memorandum. I would really like to see more innovative apps that focus on the blogging world and the social network that is blogging.
  • Podcasting is nice in its own arena, but I just dont think I want every blog to become a podcast. Yet, I crave multimedia in blogging. I would really like to be surprised.
  • MSN Spaces scare me. Asian blog networks are even worse. Not sure what I wish for them, but I have yet to read a single blog on any of those networks that I come back to.
  • Less network, more blog.
  • I really would like to see WordPress do better, even better than it already is. This is a personal wish. I am not sure why I have this affinity towards WordPress et al, but I do.
  • Akismet is just frickin wonderful. This time next year, I hope to be deleting even lesser spam than I do today.
  • Yahoo! has the right idea when they added WordPress to their hosting lineup. I would like to see larger financial players help out and spread the wealth among Open Source initiatives in the blogging world and beyond. Free work for OSS is nice, but a little money to ice the cake is always just that much better.
  • Finally, I would like to see more and better content. Well written personal blogs are refreshing reads.



  1. aJ (2 comments.) says:

    Hey.. You could try Xprss It
    It’s still in preview but seems like a good product :)

    Note: I’m one of the developers of the product so you can call it advertising :) and if it’s agaisnt your site’s policy, then I apologise.

  2. Trip (1 comments.) says:

    1. Agreed on podcasting. I’ve found a good number of podcasts that just aren’t up to par. Sound Quality is subpar for the most part. However, I am hoping to lift the bar!! Stop by,

    2. I think the strength of Themes is completely underrated. I would love to see a move from cookie cutter blogs and find more professional looking designs. Theme competitions help a long way toward this. – Trip

  3. Jason (1 comments.) says:

    I’d like to talk to you about this a little bit further, but I find one flaw in your logic :-).

    MSN Spaces scare me. Asian blog networks are even worse. Not sure what I wish for them, but I have yet to read a single blog on any of those networks that I come back to.

    Well, before I point it out, let me ask:
    MSN Spaces is more to the “MySpace” side, than it is like LiveJournal, Xanga, etc. Right? Same for the asian blog networks?
    If this is the case, never mind :-). If not, I have to mention one thing:
    It’s the ‘community blog site’ without the community. It admittedly carries some links to each other, but none of the real heavy get together features like the *Journals and such.

    I think the one big giant step forward that LiveJournal pioneered is OpenID. Now, I can go talk to anyone (DeadJournal, GreatestJournal, all those LJ-offshoots using the same code) without having to maintain a log in on every single site.

    But yeah, is supposed to be THE wordpress “community”.
    Does your distaste for blog communities extend to as well?

  4. Mark Ghosh (386 comments.) says:

    This is a test comment.

    This is after two lines.

    Another newline.

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