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Brokering Big Blogs


Brokering Big Blogs: How is that for an alliteration? If you have missed this peice of news, Jeremy over at Ensight is brokering the sale of a “big” blog that is within the Top 100 Top 200 blogs on the Internet. If nothing else, he is creating enough chatter about it. He is a blog marketer and he is doing what he does best, drawing attention to himself (and more power to him for being so good at doing that, remember the eBay blog sale?). Blogs, especially successful blogs, are quickly becoming sought after commodities that can make decent money for the seller thanks in part to Jeremy and others like him. However, I firmly believe that the author makes a blog and not the content or the network that the blog resides on. My initial thought was that Om Malik was going to be selling his blog (which does […]

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