No WordPress Program in Google Summer of Code 2012

March 21st, 2012
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After several years of success with Google Summer of Code, WordPress was not accepted as a mentoring organization for 2012. The reasons for this are not clear, and at this point it’s not worth speculating until the WordPress team hears back from Google during an upcoming feedback meeting.

Despite this momentary hitch in their plans, the core WordPress developers are not throwing out the idea of a developing version 3.5 as a mentorship-focussed release without Google’s backing. We’ll have more news on this as it becomes available.




  1. Andrew (1 comments.) says:

    That’s unfortunate. Hopefully we get some sort of explanation as to why it was not selected. Glad to see this hasn’t stopped them from going forward without backing, though.

  2. Mark Adrian (1 comments.) says:

    Its a shame, but hopefully the future is bright for WordPress. Hopefully there will be some further exciting developments in WordPress 3.5.

  3. tom g says:

    I think the love affair between G and WordPress is over. :[

  4. Stuart Young (2 comments.) says:

    Always concerned when anything goes wrong for WordPress, sure they’ll be fine though

  5. Aliosha Kasin (4 comments.) says:

    I dont like the sound of this tbh. I use WordPress so hopefully they will sot out any issues with Google.

  6. Eli (1 comments.) says:

    With the fact that WordPress is used by 15.9% of all the websites on the Internet, I find Google’s decision puzzling. Maybe that’s because they want long forgotten platforms (as Joomla and Drupal) to get support.

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