WordPress 3.3 Plugin Compatibility Updates

December 14th, 2011
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WordPress 3.3 was released just two days ago, and several plugins have been updated since then to correct compatibility issues with the latest WordPress release. Considering this, today is probably a good day to check for plugin updates on your WordPress installation, even if you haven’t upgraded to WordPress 3.3 yet.

There are too many to list overall, but here are some of the more popular plugins which have received compatibility updates for WordPress 3.3 since its release:

All in One SEO Pack – Support for WordPress 3.3.

BuddyPress – Intended to fix some cosmetic issues with the new WordPress 3.3 toolbar, and is a recommended update for all existing BuddyPress 1.5/1.5.1 and WordPress 3.3 installations.

Login Logo – Support for WordPress 3.3.

Postie – Removed get_user_by function to make compatible with wp 3.3 – now requires 2.8+.

SI CAPTCHA Anti-Spam – WP 3.3 compatibility fix as wp_enqueue_script was called incorrectly.

WordPress SEO – Fixed a notice in 3.3 which was caused by wp_reset_query being called too early.

Not necessarily a plugin, but a fully featured theme, Suffusion – Added support for a good number of WP 3.3 features.

As mentioned, these are just the most popular of the updated plugins, so check your plugins for available updates today.




  1. Carlos Pundik says:

    Thanks for the great post! I’m using WordPress for my site, and I am trying to learn all I can about it!

  2. Roseli A. Bakar (4 comments.) says:

    Hi James,

    A quick question. Should we update wordpress 3.3 first or update the plugins first ?

    • Pothi Kalimuthu (1 comments.) says:

      Upgrading the WordPress core is what I’d recommend. I’d also recommend to take the backup (files and database), verify it locally (the most important step), and then upgrade it.

    • James (184 comments.) says:

      I’d recommend the opposite. I prefer to update plugins and themes first to prevent any conflicts immediately after updating the core.

      • gestroud says:

        Same here. Update the plugins and themes first, then the core.

      • Babs Powers (13 comments.) says:

        But if you update plugins first and there were conflicts, how would you know if the conflict is with the updated plugin or the old core?

        Sorry, I’m confused. I’d rather update the core (after doing a backup and downloading it), see if that runs right, then update the plugins, one by one.

        • James (184 comments.) says:

          The conflicts that I’m referring to are potentially fatal errors that could prevent you from even accessing your blog.

          In this case, I feel that it’s just easier to update your plugins before updating core, as opposed to manually deleting or deactivating your plugins via FTP or MySQL after the fact.

  3. Catarina says:

    Do you know any plugins that are causing problems with WordPress 3.3?

    Have problems with WordPress 3.3 Visual Editor and Toolbar

    Started a new post, dismissed the pop-up intending to read it later, clicked HTML and posted a few lines. Then it was impossible to get back into the Visual editor and the Toolbar was gone. Obviously you cannot edit a post under those circumstances. And from what I see online a lot of people are having similar problems.

    The only, far from perfect, solution I have found is to go to Admin and disable the Visual editor when editing. That way the toolbar comes back. Consequently it’s possible to write your articles in a word doc, paste it into the HTML editor and then just add the final touches such as links, photos and make some words bold.

    Does anyone know how to sort out this? Would be really grateful.

    • James (184 comments.) says:

      There is a master list of know issues and plugin conflicts. The only one that I see close is, “Ad blocker plugins may conflict with the visual editor.”

      If that isn’t the case, I recommend contacting the support forums.

    • Tracy (1 comments.) says:

      Im getting that,it saysd warning blah blah blah but i dont know what it means,and what have they done with the add pic,i think id rather have 3.2,
      it is taking the enjoyment of blogging away

    • Kirsty Wilson (1 comments.) says:

      Catarina I’m having the same issue. I’ve just upgraded, cleared the browsing cache, deactivated plugins and the Visual editor is still not accessible. I click on the tab and nothing happens! I use Chrome and so tried IE but the same there.

      • Catarina says:

        Kirsty I really hope things are sorted out soon with 3.3. Published a post yesterday using only the HTML editor and it works. so you can do the same for the time being. To do so you have do go to admin and deactivate visual editor – then the toolbar comes back.

        Some say that it helps to add the plugin Use Google Library. So I may try that in a while. Catch is when you add anything things may get worse. And since I can publish in a roundabout way, I’ll do so for a while. Let me know if you find a solution.

    • Anas (1 comments.) says:

      Solution :
      Step 1 : Change the theme
      Step 2 : Clear the cache
      Step 3 : Go to your editor
      Step 4 : Change to ‘HTML’
      Step 5 : Change to ” Visual Editor’
      Step 6 : Now you can find the Visual Editor Options
      Step 7 : Change to your original theme

      If Problem Persists, Add ‘ WP-Super Edit / Use Google Library ‘ Plugins, then check it. :)

  4. Julius (1 comments.) says:

    I continue to have plugin issues… Im thinking this is a sign to take the week of the holidays off.. revamp and start all over with the new version of wordpress!

  5. milly85 (1 comments.) says:

    ok i need to say that my site ( have huge problems with wp3.3 update so i downgrade to 3.2 with backup because lots of good and excellent plugins (and including premium paid themes) did not work as well

  6. Catarina says:

    Milly, after upgrading to 3.3. how did you go about downgrading to 3.2?

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