Which Plugin Can Your Blog Not Live Without?

September 27th, 2011
WordPress Plugins

Building on the discussion from “Do You Really Need All Of Those Plugins?” I’d love to ask what is the one plugin that your blog can’t live without?

There are many plugins out there for WordPress, and many of us use an excessive number of them, but there has to be one that you favor above them all.

To start of the discussion, I’ll say Akismet. That may sounds like a cop-out, since it comes with every copy of WordPress, but without it I’d still be cleaning out the 39,744 spam comments that we’ve received so far this week.

So, what’s your favorite plugin?




  1. Tadd (4 comments.) says:

    My default “go to” are:

    Quick Cache
    All-in-One SEO Pack
    Google XML Sitemaps
    Yet Another Related Posts Plugin
    Web Ninja Auto Tagging System

  2. Eric says:

    At first I didn’t think about Akismet but it is really crucial I think. Furthermore I still like good-old stats plugin. It gives us just that information we need to see what the blog has done over the days.

  3. Ipstenu (31 comments.) says:

    Use Google Libraries. I have that on every site I’ve made, and it helps a lot. Best part is if it goes ‘down’, it reverts to WordPress’ built in libraries!

  4. Alexander Leidinger (1 comments.) says:


    yes I know, the following list is more than just one plugin, but out of the 54 activated ones, those are the ones I do not want to live without:
    – After The Dead­line (now in Jetpack): for a better “spellchecker”
    – Bro­ken Link Checker: the links shall work…
    – One-Time Pass­word: safe remote logins
    – WP-Print: a printer needs a different layout than the screen
    – Antispam Bee: so far it catched 100% of the automated spam, no need to make remote connections to Akismet for them


  5. Brenda (1 comments.) says:

    I know I can live WITHOUT NetworkedBlogs. I think I’ll be ditching it this week. One of my favs, is my Google Friend Connect. I follow a lot of Blogspot blogs and it helps for them to connect via Google. My second is my Follow Me (Social Network) plug-in. I just uploaded it the other day and it saves me so much space in my sidebars! Love it!

  6. Danny Nelson (1 comments.) says:

    “WordPress Plugin Desert Island”

    I like it.

    I’m going to give two answers: one for a premium plugin and one for a free plugin.

    If I had to choose one premium plugin it would be Gravity Forms. It can do some amazing things – especially if you think outside the box. Pluginbuddy’s Backupbuddy is a close second.

    As for free plugins, I’d have to say jQuery Mega Menu by Design Chemical. I use it on the majority of my sites. I also install Jetpack on all of my sites, but I could probably live without it if I had to.

  7. Ed Nailor (5 comments.) says:

    I work on a wide variety of websites. While majority of them I use WordPress as a pure CMS, many of them also have blogs enabled as well.

    But regardless of the application or the reason for the website, there are two plug-ins that I always use as a default.

    The first one is Gravity Forms. This by far is the best forms plug-in I have found out there. And while it is a premium plug-in, it is well worth the money.

    The second plug-in that I use with every installation is called in Enable Media Replace. While I am still surprised that WordPress does not have this functionality built in, this simple plug-in allows you to replace an uploaded media file with another one. . It’s quite handy especially when you turn this over to a client to manage.

  8. jive (7 comments.) says:

    Google XML Sitemaps, after Akismet of course. Conditional Captcha is important as well, but I used to run my own list of anti-spam tricks before I had that, which worked just as good.

  9. RG (12 comments.) says:

    Akismet and WordPress Database Backup are two I would categorize as ‘obvious’

  10. Penelope (1 comments.) says:

    Although Akismet may be an obvious choice- I still want to put in a vote for that one! My blog wouldn’t survive without it!

  11. Branson Werner (1 comments.) says:

    W3 Total Cache
    All-In-One SEO
    Google XML Sitemap
    Subscribe to comments

  12. liz (1 comments.) says:

    Being a graphic designer, I am quite partial to wp-typography. It creates real quotes and apostrophes, helps with letter spacing/tracking and hyphenation, and just makes the web a prettier place.

  13. Dee (1 comments.) says:

    Akismet is a given, but right now I’m feeling SEO Smart Links.

  14. VampireWiki Blog (1 comments.) says:

    AJAX Comment Preview, WassUp, Google Analytics, Simple Google Sitemap XML

  15. Aaron says:

    Akismet would be better if it caught all the SEO spam and terminated it with extreme prejudice. I don’t even want to know that there was an attempt by someone claiming they can “increase my traffic”.

    Anyone any good at SEO isn’t spamming to grow customers. Word of mouth keeps good SEO mavens overwhelmed with business.

  16. Jill C (1 comments.) says:

    I’d have to say Akismet and Google XML Sitemaps, too.

  17. Sameer (1 comments.) says:

    Akismet is definitely one but I could point out All in one seo and wp-stats.

  18. Sridhar Katakam (1 comments.) says:


    Always use it to move sites from localhost to server and server and server.

    Makes it ridiculously easy and quick.

  19. Mahesh (1 comments.) says:

    I think, my blog can’t live without “XML Sitemaps” plugin. Each time I add a new post to my blog, this plugin automatically creates a fresh sitemap for the search engines.

  20. Robert C. (1 comments.) says:

    The only ones I really use are
    All-In-One SEO
    Google XML Sitemap

    I am really not too crazy about the rest of the other pluggins and find them a waste of my time. That is my MHO though. I guess everyone has their own pluggin they live by.

  21. John Currie (1 comments.) says:

    I always use Google XML site map create and all in seo plugin. Aksimet is simply brilliant as well!

  22. Reiner (3 comments.) says:

    I like the German Akismet “AntispamBee”, “WP CleanFix” for Database and “Shadowbox JS” to display Image-, Movie- and Audio- Files in many Formats.

    Greetings from Bavaria / Germany, Reiner

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