WordPress Theme Releases for 9/10


BlogoLife is a simple theme for personal blogging that supports post formats and several customization options.

Foghorn is a minimalist theme built off the foundation of Twenty Eleven.

Grafitti is eye-catching with fresh and bright colors.




  1. Victor (1 comments.) says:

    BlogoLife is Full HTML5 and CSS3

  2. swgk says:

    Please stop featuring themes from Empty Nest. They are ugly and poorly coded. Every time I look at one, I feel like I’ve stepped back into 2004.

    Surely there’s more talented theme authors out there who would love to be featured.

  3. Christian (1 comments.) says:

    I for one enjoy the themes and I wouldn’t say poorly coded – I learn a lot from them.

  4. Christine Blythe (17 comments.) says:

    My themes are not for everyone. If you were to visit my site you’d see I make no bones about not being a code expert. I use a design software and design purely from a designer’s point of view – not a coder. Admittedly the code’s not perfect, but they are fully functional. You can be assured though that there is no spam code and they are ‘clean’ themes.

    I’m a blogger and I got tired of the boring, monotone themes with no uniqueness and personality that were offered out there. The few unique ones I found that I did try had function problems.

    Those who like my theme designs for their sites are free to use them as a ‘design base’ and alter the code as they like.

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