Ten WordPress Features That You May Have Missed

September 9th, 2011

Feature-wise, WordPress is quite huge, so there are bound be a few useful features that you never noticed, especially those that have been introduced recently.

If you think that you know all there is¬†know about WordPress, check out Sheri Bigelow’s Top Ten Features You Aren’t Using from this year’s WordCamp San Francisco. You might be surprised.

[wpvideo 64R27Yxc]




  1. Viki (2 comments.) says:

    Remember the days when Blogging was just Blogging, when the idea was to put your ideas down and let others read them? Where has that original, wonderful idea gone?

    • Ian Scofield (3 comments.) says:

      I think that it is still there, it just allows you to do more with your ideas and show them in a way that you couldn’t before. The two things that I think have ruined the blogging world though are those who place ads in their text so random places of their text become ads because it is quite distracting. The other thing is people who comment on WordPress websites just to spam advertisements. No matter how many times I hit spam button I keep getting clothing advertisements on my writing blog.

      • Ian Scofield (3 comments.) says:

        I forgot to add you think they would notice that when they post their spam it is not being approved as comments and they would stop doing it but they don’t.

        • Costa (1 comments.) says:

          They do.

          These spams are done by professionals who guarantees their clients that they will get them traffic for a certain fee.

          So they keep doing it because they realize 80% of the time, bloggers will check out the site where the spam is coming from.

          The site gets traffic, the spammer gets paid. We get the frustration :-)

        • Viki (2 comments.) says:

          The original idea is still there, yes, but it is becoming lost with all these extra features, making it harder for new users to find a good start platform; they get thrown into a easily commercialized world and imagine the big money rolling in immediately, concentrating on that and then, when it doesn’t work, leaving the whole to rot.

          The trouble with spam is that it does work by too many sites which have automatic approval or which allow users to send one comment, be approved and then switch to automatic. I’ve noticed many spams recently where the outgoing link is to an innocent site – such as yahoo or google – but with a specific word incorrectly spelled. Once this spam is approved the sender can search on the carefully placed word, know that they are in, and send their spam at will with a not so innocent site linked.

    • Edward says:

      Speaking of when ‘blogging was blogging’…

      Remember when, if someone had a list of ten things to share with the world, they would list them in a blog entry?

      Maybe I’d learn something if I watched Sheri Bigelow’s video, but I won’t find out, Because I have no intention of spending 27 minutes of my life to watch a video when a bullet-point list could let me determine in about five seconds whether it contains anything I don’t know. Blogging would be a lot better if bloggers would learn to use video when it’s the best tool, instead of blowing up their egos by making unnecessary recordings that do little more than waste “reader’s” time.

      • James Huff (184 comments.) says:

        To be fair, I doubt the attendees of WordCamp San Francisco (which is where this was recorded) would have been pleased with looking at nothing more than a bullet-point list projected on a wall.

  2. Garrett (1 comments.) says:

    I’ve pretty much known about all those features, but the ‘zen mode’ is by far my favorite. It really helps forget about everything else you have open and focus on writing.

    • Ian Scofield (3 comments.) says:

      But when you triple monitor it doesn’t really work because the other two monitors still show other stuff and I use those two monitors to display research and stuff like that.

  3. Salman Qamar (1 comments.) says:

    I am newbie to blogging, also newbie to wordpress. I was not aware of these features.

  4. tom g (1 comments.) says:

    OMG Sheri’s laugh had me rollin’! It put me in a good mood after a bad day. I had to watch vis 2 times, once laughing and once to see info. I can see why she is on “Happiness Team”. Thanks Sheri great vid! :)
    I did not know about the hidden stuff in WordPress. Now I have to go and see if I can find some of them.

  5. Lindsay (1 comments.) says:

    Do any of these segments ever have transcripts? Sometimes I want the info, but I don’t want to have to watch a video to get it. If I were hearing impaired, I would be up a creek.

    • Aaron says:

      Agree 200%. Reading allows me to ingest data at MY pace. Loathe podcasts and video presentations because I have NO idea if there’s sufficient payoff for my undivided (and irreplaceable) time. A bad or inefficient podcast of video can NEVER give me time back.

      At least provide bullet points and then maybe I’ll know to dive deeper or scroll to the item or two I didn’t already know.

    • James Huff (184 comments.) says:

      Transcripts of all WordCamp presentations are usually provided eventually by volunteers on the page for the video.

      At the end of the video, some presenters also mention a link where you can download their slides.

  6. colbert (1 comments.) says:

    Excellent video. I’ve been blogging on wordpress since 2005 and I think Sheri’s video is superb as an eye opener. So far, I’ve just updated to the latest WP 3.2.1 but did not really go through all the new features yet. Kudos Sheri!

  7. Nikola Cvrtnjak (1 comments.) says:

    Interesting features, even tho I knew about most of it! 5/5

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