Should You Use WordPress?

September 5th, 2011

Are you having trouble decided if WordPress will be the right solution for your next amazing site, or do you have a boss or client who’s refusing to accept WordPress as a viable platform? Sara Rosso gave a great intro to the WordPress Ecosystem at this year’s WordCamp San Francisco. She covers some of the heavy-hitters using WordPress, how big of an audience some of them are reaching, and why they decided to make the switch (if they did move from another platform), as well as how the overall community works.

[wpvideo bL4JIJra]




  1. Haroun Kola (2 comments.) says:

    Great video, thanks for sharing. I’m using WordPress for all of the site’s that I create these days.

  2. Holger (1 comments.) says:

    When i build my first Website I heared of WordPress, but didnt realise the power of WP and wanted a CMS, not a Blog system. I startet with Joomla as CMS some Years Ago. After a while I wasnt very satisfied with Joomla and tried out Drupal. Great I thought, very powerful, but also very tricky to get things working, special if you are no coder. Finally I give WordPress a shot. I was fred I dindt tried WP earlier. So easy to use and also very powerfull. Best CMS I ever used and much more then a Blog Software.

  3. Neil (1 comments.) says:

    Ive been using blogger for some little affiliate sites Ive been playing around with and I must admit I love it, but I think it has it’s limits and WordPress seems to be a more in depth blog software, so I’m going to give it a go! Thanks for the great blog. Many thanks

  4. Sara Rosso (1 comments.) says:

    James, thanks for posting this – I’m glad it was useful and I hope the examples continue to help convince people to make the switch!

  5. Klara (1 comments.) says:

    James, thanks for posting! I’m a big fan of WordPress because of its simplicity and functionality.

  6. teecup (2 comments.) says:

    I’ve been using Blogger ever since. I guess it’s time for me to give WordPress a try! Although I’ve registered with WP for quite a while already, I never took the time to start a blog.

  7. Scott S (1 comments.) says:

    Thanks for posting, found it really useful since I’m in the process of establishing a blog for my business Jazz Fever because I have read online articles which suggest it is a good way of social bookmarking and generally getting involved with likeminded people in my music community. Blogger has just been revamped and so far I’m finding it pretty easy on a usability level, and slightly more sophisticated looking visually (more so than WordPress anyhow). Look forward to more posts, thank you!

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