Do you Make a Living with WordPress?

April 22nd, 2011

Some impressive stats came out of the WordPress camp recently. Apparently, almost 20,000 users of the Support Forums have checked “I make my living using WordPress” in their profile.

20,000 is a large number for people making a living off of a free blogging platform! Do you make a living with WordPress? If so, we’d love to hear about it!




  1. Yohay (2 comments.) says:

    I make a living off my WordPress site. It began as just another blog alongside my day job, and eventually quit my job to run the site. I’ve recently changed the theme in a way that it doesn’t have a blog look, but rather a news site / magazine style. But the backend is WordPress of course. A great platform indeed.

  2. Dave Doolin (25 comments.) says:

    I’m currently making a decent part time income from WordPress consulting. Pretty cool!

  3. Jenny (11 comments.) says:

    I’ve attempted to make a living off WP but failed miserably. There’s just to many blogs out there and people only look for the more informative ones :P

  4. Tadd (4 comments.) says:

    I use WordPress at the CMS for my clients. They’re not paying for WordPress but for custom themes, integration, etc etc etc.

  5. Jon Donley (1 comments.) says:

    I make a full-time living in web development based on WordPress. IMO, after working with other CMS systems – both the well-known Open Source versions, and several top-line enterprise versions – WordPress CMS is clearly superior for the needs of my clients.

  6. Suzette F. (1 comments.) says:

    We have over 250 WordPress sites that we have built and maintained, with more coming all the time. I have been a developer for 15 years, and only using WP for the last 2 years, and it has made my job so much easier! WordPress keeps the lights on!

  7. SiteSubscribe (2 comments.) says:

    I’ve built a company around WordPress by providing value-added services based on packaged WordPress solutions. There’s tons of opportunity out there if you know what you are doing.

    Here’s a shameless plug for what we do…hope you don’t mind (if so feel free to edit this comment, or just don’t read the rest :)

    SiteSubscribe can BUILD, HOST, MAINTAIN, SUPPORT & PROMOTE your affordable small business website.

    We provide affordable Packaged Small Business Websites where we Build, Host, Maintain, Support, and Promote your website for around $25 per month for Managed WordPress Hosting, Premium WordPress Themes & Plugins, Website Maintenance, Personalized WordPress Tech Support, and with many Addon Services available to help grow your business.

  8. Pothi Kalimuthu (1 comments.) says:

    Yes, I make my living off WP. I mostly build sites from premium themes, optimize a WP installation and secure it. Been like this for the past 3 years. I don’t think I’d divert my portfolio in the near future. :)

  9. Pritam @ Specky Geek (3 comments.) says:

    A couple of free themes in the WordPress repository gets me a few dollars a week and some small assignments. I earn “pocket money” with WordPress. :)

  10. Scath (4 comments.) says:

    I’m a self-publishing author using WordPress as my author’s blog and for my free web fiction series site.

    I’d say it’s been useful in helping to sell my fiction ebooks, though I’m far from earning a living doing so just yet. =)

  11. max (2 comments.) says:

    I’m trying to make a living with my WordPress sites, but not yet.

  12. Matt (1 comments.) says:

    I am new at WordPress and don’t know much about it, but it’s a bit complicated to use it. I used WordPress from with Softaculous Script with free subdomain. :)

  13. Mayuresh (1 comments.) says:

    Hello Friends,

    I have been working on WordPress for last 1 year and I have Learned a lot. I Design Custom WordPress themes and work on plugins.
    And I am Planning to become full time WordPress Developer.
    Am I Making a right choice ?

  14. Betty Donelly (1 comments.) says:

    Hello sweet sweet WordPress communities!

    I would dance with each and everyone of you right now but i am very hectically busy working on somehting that could go viral fast and have hte potential to make me a decent and comfy living yeah for sure

    Hear me out!

    As of November 2010 i started using WordPress on a sister project of mine but nowadays since like the first week of April 2011 my efforts are concentrated on installing and setting up a small independent record label called Witchy Records! ..

    All activities are powered and using some topnotch state of the art witcheries inducing awesomeness stuffed plugins one could imagine

    I am having so much fun .. i use a special but complete e-commerce solution which i downloaded free of charge no less and its features are simply affecting my whole outlook on life, in the most creative self-appreciating ways.

    Combined with ‘a affiliate links generating for the Witchy Records blog members’ plugin and to top it all up in a harmonious and coherent wholly fashion i bring in a cute ‘earn points’ system plugin that lets my visitors and members purchase stuff in the StoreFront right on a page of the said blog.

    I am just starting out but i am already overwhelmed with bouts of creative business ideas and expansion of the StoreFront’s product catalogue might go slow … there were no glitches or anything in the combining of the three separate plugins .. they seemed highly compatible and provided a by my own little self created solution – i did have to invent a way to link the three independently created plugins – but my actual ideas stemmed from using and setting up the different plugin features, options and plain settings ..

    If you want just have a look yourself .. there’s dedicated pages that explain my small system! ..

    i am a very creative musician and singer and songwriter and long ago aligned creative business thinking with my creative processes in my thinking when to me being the role of music artist ..

    So i had no trouble and in record time Witchy Records had set up camp on the blog, ready to take orders and ready for an incentive driven ‘call to action, get reward’ system that is being used to promote using the StoreFront.

    The techie stuff of the individual plugins and especially when i first had combined two plugins in my mind – i knew immediately i was onto something really humongous that can well turn out to be next big thing

    It made me think for sure and that’s how i came up with a very unique concept to stimulate members and visitors to be not just interactive in the Witchy Records StoreFront, but on the entire blog web.

    In all my webs surfing days i’ve never seen anything even distantly related to the system that i have going on. I have never encountered the incentives tools that combining these three or four wonderful amazing plugin tools deliver

    Just see for yourself you just prolly will immediately be able to begin to fathom what i stumbled upon here .. utter awesomeness and the website stays simple and user friendly ..

    There ya go special personal invite from Betty Donelly from simple music world’s indie label Witchy Records to have a look at my work ..

    It’s way fun and i know it’ll only get worse (read better) but not the blog installation is working and hte website is LIVE, raedy to take orders.

    Now that it’s still navigation-friendly – i have not much content on there yet – Please have a closer look at what presicely the Betty Donelly ‘give incentives, give rewards to contribute in a positibe way to the blog’ System can do!

    I has Full Potential if you ask me!

    Well, that’s it i am outta here

    You can call me an overtly and dedicated, loyal WordPress fan.

    I still have my old personal Blogger blog and i won’t just deactivate it but for now i have to let it go i migrated my personal blog to a WordPress driven blog also and my sister project simple music world was in fact how i first came into contact with the wonderful and above all free to download file!

    Sicencerely and an wonderful easter

    Come say hello anytime!

    Betty Donelly
    one musician artist
    @ WitchyRecords PRO

  15. Jeramiah Townsend (1 comments.) says:

    I currently earn about half my income from WordPress by building websites for local companies, and helping them manage their WordPress website. (The other half of my business focuses on building business systems, analytics for businesses, and management training/structuring, helping them to make business growth easy.

    WordPress makes me look good. There have been a number of times where a client asks for something and I am able to quickly make changes often with a simple plugin and a few key strokes… and the clients have been amazed at “my skill and speed”.

    WordPress makes any website SO much easier. I used various platforms but I don’t know why anyone would use anything other than WordPress.

  16. Sallie Goetsch (rhymes with 'sketch') (1 comments.) says:

    Building WordPress sites for people was the largest of my income streams last year, and continues to be an active area of my business.

  17. Desperately Seeking WP (1 comments.) says:

    Its interesting – there’s several here who’ve left a comment that interpret “making a living with WP” to mean – pro blogging. I assumed the companies providing services, development because that is my niche. :)

    I failed at the blogging full-time thing, but it got me clients, and now I run a full-time busy support desk for WordPress. I love it!! :)

    And of course – any publicity from you folks wouldn’t hurt.

    Cathy Tibbles

  18. David Radovanovic (1 comments.) says:

    I’m trying to make a living using WordPress. “Making a Living” is the part that becomes hard when there are so many fine WordPress developers available. Though, as a graphic designer for over 30 years, WordPress has breathed new life to my Web designs. I’ve created a 6000 plus industrial product catalog, online portfolios, community portals, and many other unorthodox Web applications thanks to WordPress and its very active user base and developers. Thanks WordPress!

  19. Songwriting (1 comments.) says:

    I have built a songwriting education company and based it on the WordPress platform. I built the business this way after some recommendations from other entrepreneurs. It seems to be working fine. The interaction with other songwriters creates a good sense of community.

    Kevin Thomas
    Songwriting Planet

  20. John (TentBlogger) (1 comments.) says:

    i definitely do! full time blogging!

  21. Manesh (1 comments.) says:

    Sure. Making blogs and designing new themes. Now on the way to make profit from my own blog. :)

  22. Kookie Penafiel says:

    I definitely believe that a lot of people does make a living through wordpress. I am not one of those, I make a living by helping them set up their blogs! :)

  23. Zach (1 comments.) says:

    I make a decent living with WordPress. My main income comes from developing custom themes for clients, setting up their sites, and some SEO / general web consultation. I also get “beer and pizza” donations from my free plugins.

    Awesome :)

  24. Mediation (1 comments.) says:

    WordPress is the key to make a site live and colorful. Very Userfriendly and also search engine friendly. A person with little knowledge of computer can also install wordpress, manage plugins and themes,
    Initial developer can make custom changes in themes as well.. So i love using wordpress.

    I have also designed my site about meditation in wordpress. It helped me a lot to variate every portion of front end using widgets and themes with the help of plugins…

  25. mikida (1 comments.) says:

    I am psychotherapist, and coach, who work off- and online. I built several blogs around topics that might interest my clients. Though I don’t write everyday, even weekly, however, after two years, half of my clients find me through one of my blogs, which is quite a contribution.
    I built a blog for my daughter who is a horsebreeder, and for my son, who is student of foreign trade. I taught my son-in-law how to build his own blog, he is alternative therapist, now happily blogging, too.
    If anyone believes that blogging, and wp are just toys for the young ones, I must tell that I am 61.

  26. Matt Rittman (1 comments.) says:

    I honestly don’t understand how you could make enough to support just yourself just doing WordPress sites. I mean you’d have to pump out quite a bit in order for it to work. Is it actually possible to design a site from the ground up, chop it up in photoshop, and customize it in WordPress within a week? Maybe I’m just not fast enough myself who knows. And what about things like health insurance, dental, 401k…You don’t get any benefits making a living doing websites. I just don’t understand how people do it…

  27. Conor (2 comments.) says:

    I actually coded my own website in full, including making databases for comments, making a custom program to read and analyse the content of all articles so that the search bar I made provides accurate results, I also made the site update itself so when I post new articles they automatically appear in their relevent category homepages. All this after a few weeks of work from a 16 year old! The only thing I struggle with is design. *facepalm* can’t pick a scheme or anything attractive to save myself.

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