WordPress Theme Releases for 4/11


Ribbons is a very clean and modern free WordPress theme that comes with a ribbon focused design that gives it a cool “3d” effect and it includes a built-in jQuery Cycle slider.

Spring Floral is a green-based theme with a left sidebar.




  1. Christine Blythe (17 comments.) says:

    Hi again,

    I noticed that you have included my second theme release in today’s releases and wanted to thank you very much.

    My first release ‘Citrus’ seems to have been well-regarded and received a lot of attention – for the most part due to the exposure of inclusion on your site.

    I have created a small link directory in the footer of my site with links to the theme submission sites where my themes have been submitted – and yours is at the top of the list.

    Thanks again,

    Christine Blythe

  2. Christine Blythe (17 comments.) says:

    Christine Blythe (3 comments.) says:
    4/19/2011 at 6:18 pm
    I must apologize.

    I just received contact from a reader letting me know that the links to my themes ‘The Bible’ and ‘Rose Garden’ are ’404?.

    I checked and it appears that a lot my site’s files are missing. I’m not sure if I’ve been hacked, but I’m looking into it as we speak.

    In the meantime, my main post page at is working fine and the preview and downloads for my themes are accessible from there. You might have to scroll to following pages – depending on the damage done.

    I will put a new comment up as soon as I’ve resolved the issue.


  3. Christine Blythe (17 comments.) says:

    Well, thank you all for being so patient. My site is now active again – after a complete restore from backup by my webhost/provider.

    It’s going to take me some time to do a quality check to make sure everything’s working right, so please let me know if you have any problems at christineblythe500’at’


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