WordPress Theme Releases for 12/13


Aspire is a beautiful 3-column theme with a stylish design.

Black Line is a 3-column theme with minimalistic layout. Gone.

Black Red is a 3-column theme with built-in Adsense readiness.

DGA Design 02 is a 2-column theme with stylish footer background.

Groucho is a 3-column with a very modern-looking design and built-in Flickr compatibility.




  1. stormblast says:

    Black Line looks like an exact copy of Small Potatoes Wrath theme:

    The designer just changed the header and footer.

  2. libretto (19 comments.) says:

    Aspire est déjà traduit en français ici :

  3. Bloggero (1 comments.) says:

    Great themes! thank you for this another theme collection..

  4. Tadd (89 comments.) says:

    Aspire is .. inspiring. I like it a lot – full of potential.

    Black Red is also nice – but reminds me of Photo Matt’s blog. Which isn’t a bad thing obviously.

  5. Marisa (5 comments.) says:

    Aspire is beautiful. Looks like the Black Line site’s been taken down.

  6. NSpeaks (9 comments.) says:

    Seems that website of Aspire is also down since its showing error Access denied.

  7. RS (1 comments.) says:

    Aspire website is down…how to see it and get it ?

  8. artofnet (5 comments.) says:


    I’m the owner of Black Line site. Yes right now my site is down since Black Line is appear on the Weblog Tools Collection because the traffic from is very-very crazy, this site is very-very popular, and I’m very-very sorry for this inconvenience. Thanks

  9. Jimex says:

    The Aspire design is wonderful! I wish more original themes like this are made available. Black Line is actually a rip! shame on them.

    NSpeaks… try this one:

    and a download link is:

    Had to use a proxy server to see the site… seems access is blocked to some countries

  10. artofnet (5 comments.) says:


    Just FYI that Black Line site at now is UP again, so you can download Black Line theme again. Thanks…

  11. Brigid Keely (1 comments.) says:

    Wow, “Aspire” is really wonderful!

  12. Maestro (1 comments.) says:

    Just an FYI, the Black Line site’s now one of those spammy pages with links to other things similar to what you came looking for. Looks like the whole site’s like that now, and even has a link to buy the domain.

  13. Agata says:

    Admin, you please pull the black line them off. Looks like he lost that domain….

  14. artofnet (5 comments.) says:


    Just for your information I,m not a spammer. My site has down since my theme appear on this site because my server not ready to receive lot of traffic at the same time because this site is very popular. So I decide to parking my domain for temporary and now my server is up again and you can download Black Line theme again. Thanks

  15. artofnet (5 comments.) says:

    Sorry I’m forget, you can download Black Line theme at

  16. artofnet (5 comments.) says:

    Dear Admin/Mark,
    Can you please activate again download link of Black Line theme at your post? Highly appreciated for this. Thanks before…


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