Best Of WLTC 2010 – Part 1

December 30th, 2010
WLTC Community

In terms of WordPress stuff, publishes a large amount of content over the course of a year. In this two part series, I’ll be highlighting some of the best content that will not only give you a glimpse of the progress made regarding WordPress but also remind you of some of the more important stories that took place during the year.

For me personally, 2010 has been a really tough year both financially and personally. Not only did I lose my future father father-in-law to prostate cancer, but my little endeavor to create a WordPress centric community site that helped me to pay the bills flopped. I’m hoping 2011 is much better than 2010 and for those of you that celebrate it, Happy New Years!.


WordPress Search Based DOS Attack

Anatomy Of A WordPress Release

WordPress 2.9.1 Final Released

Flattered Or Ripped Off?

The Merge Has Begun

A Simple Mistake Could Cause You Priceless Headaches

Preventing WordPress Plugins From Loading

Core Plugins

What Was Your First Reaction on Using WordPress?

How To Include CSS and JavaScript Conditionally

is_home(), is_archive() not Working? Here is a Fix

Do You Automatically Close Comments on Old Posts?

Watch Where You Download That

Making Site Wide Changes on Your WordPress Blog

Are You Spamming Comments Inadvertently?


Good Luck Lester Chan

Easily Add Multiple Content Columns

My Thoughts on Premium Plugins

Where Is The Line Drawn?

Should Plugin Authors Add Links To Your Site Without Giving An Option To Disable It?

How to Do ‘XYZ’ Without a WordPress Plugin

Should You Pay Up and Shut Up?

Footer Stuff Allows You To Seamlessly Add Content to Themes

Passing Parameters as Variables vs Passing Parameters as An Array


Bookmarklet to Quickly Access WordPress Admin Menu

Manage Comments From Your Windows or Linux Desktop

Segregating Comments and Trackbacks In Admin Panel?

Scaling WordPress Part 1: Using MySQL Replication and HyperDB


Moving Your WordPress Site and Database

iPad Peek – Peek at Your Blog on the iPad

How To improve basic security on a fresh WordPress install

VideoPress Review

Backing up your WordPress database with WP-DB-Backup

More plugins for securing your WordPress install


Adding Scripts Properly to WordPress Part 1 – wp_enqueue_script

Adding Scripts Properly to WordPress Part 2 – JavaScript Localization

Adding Scripts Properly to WordPress Part 3 – Page Detection

WordPress security monitoring and diagnosis

How to show ads to only search engine visitors using Who Sees Ads

Cleaning Up A WordPress Database After Plugins and Themes Are Uninstalled


WordPress 3.0 Walkthrough: Getting Started with Multisite

WordPress And Giving Credit

IDrive for WordPress Released

WordPress 3.0 “Thelonious” is out!

What Did You Like In WordPress 3.0?

Stay tuned for Part two on December 31st.




  1. Robbie (1 comments.) says:

    Good luck for Twenty Eleven Jeff. I’ve always followed your site feed and appreciated the summary of plugins & theme releases.


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