What Should WordPress Focus on in 2011?

December 29th, 2010
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The year is almost over and WordPress 3.1 is almost ready to go, which begs the question, “What do you think the WordPress team should focus on in 2011?”

Jane Wells has posted a topic asking for what you think 2011 should hold WordPress. The suggestions are being collected for the core leadership meeting, and the topic will be closed on January 4th, so stop by to share your ideas before it’s too late.




  1. Hissing Kitty (9 comments.) says:

    Definitely security as usual, but I’d like to see more outside of the box thinking in terms of layouts. You can chop a 2/3 column up a million ways and back and still spot a wp build a mile off.

  2. Steve Global Media (10 comments.) says:

    Focus on less updates – I spent more time updating wordpress in 2010 than I did blogging.

    Focus on either fixing bbpress or make an exporter to phpbb / vbulletin / ipboard, etc – and kill it completely.

    focus on fixing buddypress, or make an exporter to phpfox / dolphin – and kill it – or start charging all of the spammers a monthly fee for the ease of access.

    seriously – updates to wordpress kill me. New functions could be plugins, and merge with new core twice a year max. Stop adding new stuff and fix the stuff that is already broken.

    bbpress and buddypress need help or put them out of misery, it makes automatic look bad, and it makes all of the wordpress sites running with buddypress look bad.

  3. arena says:

    Definitely wp 3.2 and kill php4 support for a o.o. wordpress

  4. Kimberly says:

    A WORKING iPhone app

  5. ThemeGrade (2 comments.) says:

    Here’s my wishlist: – A more professionally-designed themes
    in the theme directory. – Wider space for the content
    input field in the admin.

  6. gestroud says:

    I’d like to see WP take another look at adding structured blogging: an enhanced ability to use WP for reviews, events and other pre-formated post types.

    There was a plug-in (now defunct) that accomplished this, and the idea has been discussed on the Ideas forum

  7. Carlton Flowers (1 comments.) says:

    I would have to go with more iPhone app development and improvement too.

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