WordPress Theme Releases for 09/11



Easel is a framework-like theme with many roles and capabilities for more components to be added with it.


Fitria is powered by the css framework with multiple widgets and a 3 column layout.

quality control

Quality Control is a unique theme which turns a basic WordPress installation into a simple and straight-forward ticketing system.




  1. Edwin says:

    Trying Easel theme, but no matter what i try putting on the the sidebars, it doesnt show it. Too bad, because the theme really lookes nice.

  2. Tan The Man (37 comments.) says:

    Star Blog is nice.

  3. mark rushworth (1 comments.) says:

    I saw the quality control theme posted somewhere else. it looks amazing for something knocked out by one man. Now if only i can get a client to buy into using it!

  4. SenseiMattKlein (14 comments.) says:

    Star Blog looks like a very clean striking design.

  5. Zam says:

    Hi weblogtools editors,

    I thought you all only updated GPL and non-encrypted themes and so I visit here quite often to check new GPL themes not in the repository. But I just downloaded the star blog theme and it has got encrypted footer with loads which is against the basics of GPL. Could you please clarify that whether you accept only GPL themes or all types of sponsored themes too. If you accept all types of encrypted footer themes then maybe it is better to go to some other site filled with spammy themes. Kindly keep only GPL themes or at least clarify your policy as many like me visit very often to check quality themes and not just spammy encrypted themes.

    • James Huff (109 comments.) says:

      You are correct, we only feature GLP-compliant themes in these digest posts. However, the encoded footer was not present when the theme was tested for inclusion in this particular digest, and I have now removed it.

      Thanks for pointing this out!

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