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You’ve just spent countless hours on your latest and greatest WordPress plugin and theme, and you want the world to know about it. Well, we want to help! I’m sure that you’ve all noticed the plugin and theme digests published here every other day, and it’s not too difficult to be a part of them. Sure, we all recommend that you submit your work of art to the official plugin and theme directories, but it normally takes a few days for these directories to be updated. Why not announce it here as soon as you’re done? We’ve made it easy to do just that.

If you want to share your latest and greatest WordPress plugin and theme with us, stop by the New WordPress Plugins and New WordPress Themes forums and simply post a new topic via the form at the bottom of the page, or email submissions (at) wltc (dot) net with either “[New/Updated Plugin Submission] plugin name” or “[New/Updated Theme Submission] theme name” in the subject.

Before submitting, your plugin or theme must be available for free, licensed under the GPL, and free of sponsored links and advertisements. With all submissions, please include the name of the plugin or theme, the license, a link to a product info page (this could be a blog post, page, WordPress plugin/theme directory listing, etc), and a screenshot (if available). We hate having to turn down plugins and themes simply because they provide nothing more than a direct download link to a third-party file sharing/storage service, but we feel that our readers deserve a bit more than that.

For the benefit of our readers, all plugins and themes are confirmed to work with the latest version of WordPress and certified to be free of sponsored links and advertisements, viruses, and other common exploits before being accepted as part of the next digest.

We encourage you to share your latest and greatest plugins and themes with us, and we appreciate your cooperation!




  1. London Ontario Web Design (7 comments.) says:

    Thanks for the resource. I am just about dsone my first wp plugin and will use your site to promote it! Thanks again

  2. Shanker Bakshi (4 comments.) says:

    Thanks very much now we know where is the best resource for sharing new Themes and plugin, thanks for giving opportunity to showcase there talent.

    • Iva (7 comments.) says:

      Not sure what your talent is as your website looks pretty awful, is full of aggressive advertising and you don’t make a difference between “they’re” and “there”…and there isn’t a point to that comment. The other person at least has a really nice-looking clean webaite.

      Sadly, many of the featured themes are nowhere near good and provide nothing for people who like to learn by looking at the code and spot calls to functions, new HTML5 and CSS3 tricks etc. When I saw the title, I was hoping this would be

      The second paragraph was not meant to be cynical or anything – it really is becoming a problem. The first…well, I apologise to Weblog Tools Collection, but fake comments intended solely for the sake of self-promotion are irritating.

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