WordPress 3.0 – 10 Million Downloads and Counting



About a month ago I posted about how fast WordPress 3.0 was being downloaded and there was a terrific discussion about the sheer amount of data that was being grabbed to get at the 3.0 version of WordPress.  We even had some comments as to why it was being downloaded at that scale.

Well as of today the download counter reads that it has been downloaded just over 10.3 million times since it was released last month and the counter keeps rolling along!

So what is it that makes the WordPress platform so popular?  What is it that drives people to download it over 10 million times?

If you had the opportunity to talk to a non WordPress user what would you tell them about it to show that it is worth downloading and putting to use for a website?

What is your favorite thing about WordPress?  What is your least favorite thing about it?  What would you add to it?

The experience of this community is the perfect forum to start a dialog like this so I am looking forward to seeing everyone’s thoughts.




  1. hpguru (3 comments.) says:

    I use WordPress since 2007 and i enjoy it! Great CMS… i’m just like it all the time. Like it!

  2. Arian Xhezairi (2 comments.) says:

    My most favorite thing about WordPress is Hani Ross.

  3. quicoto (39 comments.) says:

    Well, I think the 3.0 has a huge power.

    Maybe some people started a blog now with the 3.0 (multi blogs and stuff).

    I think is a damn good release and it will still grow up more than :)


    • Arian Xhezairi (2 comments.) says:

      I wonder whether the 10 Million downloads concludes even the 1-click installations hits?

  4. Allen (1 comments.) says:

    Wow, this is a huge number!
    More and more people choose wordpress, it’s a good news! love wp

  5. Ondrej says:

    My friends are not Internet enthusiasts. If they need a website, they need something for their business. Internet is not their business. They want something what they can feel confident that just works. They would ask me for an advice, not an analysis. So I’d tell them, as I do that: Definitely WordPress, because that’s the best what currently exists, that even big sites such as use it, that it’s so damn easy to use that even the scribblers at the news sites can use it without much training and finally, would show them a few pretty themes and how they can be switched between and how to put together a menu. That’s all what non-enthusiast people wish to know.

  6. Oliver says:

    What I really like about wordpress is the fact that this can be ANYTHING, thanks to its simple and pluggable architecture.

    It can be a simple blog, a magazine, an ecommerce, a real estate announcement place… The simple structure, the themes able to use it in different ways, and the zillions of plugins, this is really great.

    I love the fact that I can rely on wordpress for anything, suggesting a simple blog for my family or helping someone find the perfectly tuned CMS he needs.

    • Richard Hay (9 comments.) says:

      Oliver – what an excellent observation and the true function of WordPress – to be just about anything you want it to be.

  7. Nutaryuk (2 comments.) says:

    I’m new in Wordperss because I used WP for 5 months.
    i love it so much..

    • Richard Hay (14 comments.) says:

      Welcome to the WordPress community then. Make sure you check out this site in depth – lots of great help and how to articles.

  8. Nathan (1 comments.) says:

    The most excellent CMS, widgets, themes. It’s a 1 stop shop. Love it.

  9. Riparazione Torino (1 comments.) says:

    WordPress 2.0 was a awesome platform. I tried about 6 platforms and it was by far the best. A lot of themes to choose from, easy to edit and SEO-friendly. But now WordPress 3.0 is everything you want and more. Everyone without great knowledge of php and css can easily edit it. I like the custom menus and the most i like CMS. These guy made the best platform much better.
    I haven’t tried it yet but i was planning to put it on xampp in the next few days.

  10. Doug Hughes (1 comments.) says:

    Wow…where do I begin? WordPress has so much going for it. There are fantastic plugins like Platinum SEO and Statpress. There are killer forms plugins shopping carts and the list goes on and on.

    WP is super easy to customize and most things are editable from the admin panel.

    WordPress has also enabled designers in the western world to remain competative with outsourced labor to some degree. Using WP as a framework can cut labor costs dramatically.

    Another great thing is that for designers who don’t like muckying around in code WP makes it easy to concentrate on the design and customize the theme without much coding.

    For marketers WP is indespensible. You can put together a site in a matter of minutes and start testing things.

    Oh yeah, documentation is very well written and comprehensive.
    – Fantastic.

  11. radiuserwin (1 comments.) says:

    wow incredible number, how about another blog engine like blogpost or another ? if there is 10 million download mean there is 10 million people use this blog engine, that is not include people who use cpanel from hosting. they do not need download it, they can just install it

  12. Andrew @ Blogging Guide (86 comments.) says:

    A really huge number. Download it because if you’re upgraded then the least attacks you’ll experience form viruses and hackers.

  13. JZ @ KidKraft (1 comments.) says:

    Does the 10 million include those updating their WP or are they new users? Well either way, those numbers are phenomenal.

    I think what makes them popular is the fact that they’re very easy to use. Now, I haven’t had the chance to try other CMS, but WP is very easy to set up.

    If I’m going to convince someone to use WP, I’ll show him the sites that I’ve made using WP. I’ll then tell him that I have almost ZERO coding knowledge and I basically winged it.

    What I love about WP is the fact that there are a lot of available plugins. Just install and voila, you have some useful plugins.

    If I can change something about it..hhmm..I don’t know. It looks pretty awesome to me.

    I haven’t had the chance to update my WP though. Would I need to do minor or major tweakings to my plugins etc. if I did?


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