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WordPress 3.0 – 10 Million Downloads and Counting


About a month ago I posted about how fast WordPress 3.0 was being downloaded and there was a terrific discussion about the sheer amount of data that was being grabbed to get at the 3.0 version of WordPress.  We even had some comments as to why it was being downloaded at that scale. Well as of today the download counter reads that it has been downloaded just over 10.3 million times since it was released last month and the counter keeps rolling along! So what is it that makes the WordPress platform so popular?  What is it that drives people to download it over 10 million times? If you had the opportunity to talk to a non WordPress user what would you tell them about it to show that it is worth downloading and putting to use for a website? What is your favorite thing about WordPress?  What is your […]

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Great Explanation Of Community

January 5th, 2009

Just over two weeks ago, the community was abuzz about the disappearance of 200 to 300 themes being removed from the theme repository. During that blip of time, there were many posts dedicated to covering the subject of not only the theme removals, but of community, GPL and much more. Andrew Rickmann who I consider to be a ‘thought leader‘ within the WordPress community published an excellent post which has had my head churning through thoughts and ideas ever since I read it. The article goes into detail on what the point of community is. However, despite the overall article being a great read, question number five that Andrew raises is the one that continuously has me thinking. In question five, Andrew asks what is it that you value? He then gives eight different perspectives which I find to be very interesting. Here is one of them: Do you agree […]

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