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March 6th, 2010
WordPress Plugins

For the past 8 months I have been receiving requests to update the Notify Unconfirmed Subscribers plugin, since it stopped working for users. Frankly, I never really found the time to do it, but as the requests piled up, I decided to set some time aside and update the plugin.

So if you have been having problems with NUS, update to the latest version (1.3.0) and the issues should be solved. Do let me know if you have any problems with the latest update.

A few notes:

  • Support for Old FeedBurner accounts has been dropped in v1.3.0, please upgrade your account to a Google account before using NUS.
  • NUS will only work on sites with cUrl support.
  • Support for additional languages coming in future versions.

Note: I have not used WP_Http as there are problems with fsock and other http methods, it only works for cUrl right now. However, the plugin does contain a file which uses WP_Http which will be used in future versions.

You will get a dashboard notice to update the plugin, if you don’t you can download Notify Unconfirmed Subscribers v1.3.0 from here.




  1. Misao (6 comments.) says:

    Thanks, this plugin is awesome. I’ve searched it for a long time.

  2. Kishore Mylavarapu (13 comments.) says:

    good plugin..thank you for updating.

  3. Andrew (12 comments.) says:

    Thanks for the hard work, great plugin.

  4. Andrew@BloggingGuide (63 comments.) says:

    A big thanks for the update. This is a really useful plugin.

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