WordPress 2.9.1 Beta 1 Released, Fixes Bugs in WordPress 2.9

December 23rd, 2009
WordPress News

A few days back, Jeff had told you about WordPress 2.9.1 being around the corner. The WordPress team has worked hard to get it out of the doors and a beta version of WordPress 2.9.1 is now available for downloads. It fixes bugs with scheduled posts and pingbacks which some users had been facing, due to a bug in curl.

The new version is not immediately available for downloads through the automatic upgrade, however you can download the WordPress Beta tester plugin and go to Tools->Upgrade and perform an automatic upgrade.

Please remember that this is not the final WordPress 2.9.1 release, so you might want to wait for another day or two for a stable release, if you are not comfortable using beta versions.




  1. bubazoo (213 comments.) says:

    Been having problems with permissions in WordPress 2.9
    series for some reason. A couple other people in the
    #wordpress IRC channel said the same was happening to them.

    to get the automatic plugin upgrader to work, I had to set
    permissions in wp-content to 777, otherwise the upgrade
    automaticaly thing would fail to save and unpack the plugin
    to the proper directories.

    I never had to mess with that in 2.7-2.8 series,
    did they take out some code or something?

    or do I need suexec installed or something?
    this confuses me. Its like, I also noticed,
    the plugins area kinda stepped back in time
    in 2.9, it no longer separates activated
    and non-activated plugins like old versions
    used to do, I miss that.

    what exactally was changed again in 2.9?
    because its almost like the 2.9 brand is
    a step back in time, like back to 2.6, 2.7
    days or something… it says 2.9 at the
    bottom of my screen though *shrugs*

    • Ipstenu (31 comments.) says:

      It might be your PHP version. I’m on 5.x and it went fine, but my friend’s server is on 4 and we had weird issues like that.

      Also, 2.9.1 is worth the dev upgrade if you’re having problems with 2.9.0 – I beta’d it (to test my plugins among other things) and didn’t have issues on one site, but two of my others had hissy fits related to being far more complex setups. I should really make a dev blog of those for upgrades, but I figure my backups will save me :D

  2. Dana @ LetUpdate (27 comments.) says:

    I am surely waiting for stable version.

  3. Dwayne (1 comments.) says:

    After the upgrade I now cannot delete spam comments. I wonder if this is a bug and whether it has been fixed. I guess I will have to wait and see…

    I do like the new trash feature though. I have accidentally hit the “delete post” link in the past which caused quite a mess!

  4. Irvin Stapf (1 comments.) says:

    on my blog page it says that it is necessary for one to log in in order to leave a comment. Is this necessary? Can I turn it off so that someone can leave a comment directly? The “allow comments” button doesn’t do it.

  5. Ridhuan (1 comments.) says:

    I just installed Wp 2.9 and when I tried to write a new post, the editor seems to have a problem. It only load successfully for HTML editing mode but for Standard mode, all the buttons are gone. Is this a bug or an installation/server problem because I already copied all the files successfully.

  6. BigDaddyCool (1 comments.) says:

    After upgrading to 2.9 I can no longer upload any files to my blog via my FTP program. This is a problem for me as I need to upload files to my blog on a consistant basis. I have Ipswitch’s WS_FTP LE ver 6.0 and it has served me well in the past. I’m hoping that I don’y have to buy a different FTP program as I really can’t afford to do that right now. I am also hoping that this is something that can be fixed with a stable patch as I have tried to change permissions and I find that I am unable to do that as well.

  7. Clint (1 comments.) says:

    I’m a new WordPress user and not very technical. I had a rough time updating to 2.9. The auto-upgrade failed and I had to search the forums for answers which led me to manually install 2.9. Then I had to make sure that my previous configurations were saved. For a non-technie like me, it took me pretty well half of a working day just to upgrade and then fix up my three WP blogs.

    I think there should definitely be more instructions and trouble shooting FAQs for us new users when upgrading new versions. Blogger is definitely easier to use for us non-technies but since I needed my blogs on the same platforms as my websites, I had to switch over to WP.

    I think next time there is a new release of WP, I’ll wait until all the bugs are cleared.

  8. steve media (10 comments.) says:

    Anyone else have the RSS feeds not update after 2.9 upgrade and then add new post?
    Something everyone could easily miss, but mine is broken now.. no new posts in RSS feed now.

  9. Joshua Davis (1 comments.) says:

    I’m having two problems. One is the plugin/theme editor plugin does not work correctly using Google Chrome 4.0. Whenever I change just one character the text area will jump to the bottom of the page. I suspect this is due to the “hack” that means it keeps your place after saving code.

    The other problem is with automatic database backups, though I suspect this is more a problem with 2.9 and curl (crosses fingers that 2.9.1 will fix it).

    • xxxevilgrinxxx says:

      I’m also having trouble with the theme editor. I can tinker in Firebug to my heart’s content, get the css the way I’d like, but when I drop it into the theme editor and save it, it doesn’t seem to “take”. The css is still right there in my style.css so it’s clearly been saved, but it doesn’t translate into changes on the screen. I just get presented with my old template no matter how many times I clear my cache.

      I’m looking for solutions now but I’m glad I’m not the only person that’s having this trouble. I hope 2.9.1 fixes this.

      • xxxevilgrinxxx says:

        finally managed to fix it after re-uploading my theme-editor.php file. Still, a nuisance though


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