The GTD P2 Theme

responses has released a new theme based on P2 called GTD. GTD is meant for private use for collaborative teams of people. Asides from the default functionality supplied by P2, GTD has added file attachment and user notification functions.


For many, the attachment addition to P2 makes this an incredibly simple tool to collaborate on projects with.




  1. Joseph Scott (5 comments.) says:

    Worth noting that this theme is in violation of the P2 licensing terms (GPL).

    • Mark Ghosh (386 comments.) says:

      That is definitely a concern Joseph. I know that Jeff is having conversations with the developer to clarify their licenses. If this is not resolved, we will be removing the link.

    • Mark Ghosh (386 comments.) says:

      License changed to GPL.

    • James says:

      Well this is a lesson for mr r.bhavesh and people at templatic.They should know what is the power of GPL. WordPress is awesome because it is gpl.Its very bad that you are developing a theme for wordpress which is GPL but the theme you have made is not GPL.if you want to do non-gpl things then you should build your own one rather than modifying P2 theme

  2. Geakz (5 comments.) says:

    Nice! I’ve been looking for someone to update the P2P theme which I use for a private family blog. I just installed it and it works (almost) like charm. The ‘logout’ link in the very top right corner didn’t seem to be working as it took me to a page that said ‘you are attempting to log out’ with a link that said ‘try again’. I edited out that logout link as I have one in a Meta Widget already in the sidebar. (And yes, I tried removing the Meta Widget to see if it would fix my problem.)
    Nice updates in the form of individual notifications, file attachments to posts and the overall readability. Way to go,

  3. James (2 comments.) says:

    Good 2 see a nice theme update after a long time..

  4. Pratik Sinha (1 comments.) says:

    I have ported p2 theme to be used as a page template with a custom post type. The results can be seen here.

    The code is hosted here:

    A lot of things are specific to my blog, and whosoever uses it will have to change it to their liking and blog schema.


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