WordPress Theme Releases for 11/14




Simple two column theme with shades of blue that you can use to customize your site

Martial Arts Lover


A nice, clean, dark and simple wordpress theme with one right sidebar.

5 Girl-Inspired Free WordPress Themes


Set of five two column, widget ready themes

WP Commerce Flex


It features a variety of options, solid SEO-friendly CSS layout that is easily customizable, and built for seamless integration with PHPbay and PHPZon.

Polka Dots

Polka Dots

It’s widget-ready, adsense-ready, and 3-columns.  Colors: brown, white, aqua, green, chartreuse, yellow, orange, red.




  1. John (Human3rror) (35 comments.) says:

    thanks for showcasing “base”!


  2. Alex (2 comments.) says:

    Hello, how does a new theme get listed here?

    do you take some themes on a ramdom basis?

  3. bubazoo (213 comments.) says:

    I don’t know why so many people like these white background on orange colors? Unless you have eagle eyes, I don’t see how you expect your users to be able to SEE colors like that! especially your older users!

    everybody should have a DARK colored theme with bright bold lettering so your blog is easy to see for not only visually challenged users, but for older people as well who don’t have very good eyesight anymore.

    you guys and your white bright backgrounds scare me sometimes! HOw can you expect users to come back over and over to your site with color choices like that?

  4. Macyh (1 comments.) says:

    I liked the second one, with a little graphics modification and code converting it could be a good blogger template.
    Thanks for this showcase.

  5. Premium Mod (2 comments.) says:

    I’m kinda disappointed not seeing Fresh Mortar listed here. So Mark, has it been decided that you guys won’t post any theme mod in your theme release post even it fulfill all the requirements?

  6. Natasja (1 comments.) says:

    Thx for the nice themes!!

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