I Wish I Was At WordCamp

November 12th, 2009

If you’re looking for a cool way to keep tabs on what’s shaking at WordCamp New York this weekend, check out this site created by DimensionMedia called The site contains feeds from a few notable Twitter accounts that will be tweeting during the event as well as the important hashtag Twitter widget which goes above and beyond single accounts. Near the center of the site is a collection of photos published to Flickr but some of the photos are from the wrong WordCamp. This should be fixed by only aggregating photos that are using a unique tag such as the event Twitter hashtag. Near the bottom are even more Twitter accounts. The only bad thing about this page is that asides from the hashtag widget at the top, the rest of the page requires refreshing in order to see new information. Hopefully, Dimension has a decent server to put up with the load but I would have used the cool new Twitter widgets to see updates as they happen.

If you have any feedback, let him know in the comments!




  1. David Bisset (1 comments.) says:

    Thanks for the mention and feedback. Working on some tweaks actually. The site was built with WordPress in less than an hour. Hoping to eventually tweak the feeds to update themselves without a refresh, but won’t be in time for WordCamp NYC. :(

    Still looking for feeds – both Twitter and RSS – and photos (Flickr, for now). Please hit me on twitter to contribute.


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