WordPress 2.8.1 now available

July 9th, 2009
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WordPress 2.8.1 is now available for download or upgrade according to the WordPress Development Blog. This release includes a bunch of bug fixes and security updates, including an important one that affects a few plugins (details here). The update highlights are listed on the dev blog post and all the changes since 2.8 are on the Trac. I don’t see the upgrade bar on this blog yet, but it should be soon. Since 2.8.1 is now released, I wish Dev4Press would redo their benchmarks.




  1. Milan Petrovic (31 comments.) says:

    Update was painless with this one. Nice job WP team.

    Also, you can expect tests to compare 2.8.1 to 2.8 on my website on monday.

  2. Fabian (1 comments.) says:

    very simple to update and I am green at WP well done

  3. Mark Roth (7 comments.) says:

    No upgrade bar yet….

  4. George Serradinho (107 comments.) says:

    I have upgraded and all is fine, no issues or problems experienced. Well done to the WordPress team on this release.

  5. Jomark Osabel (1 comments.) says:

    I have upgraded mine too and it works just great.

  6. René (6 comments.) says:

    Not possible to upgrade automatically while former upgrades worked very well automatically.

  7. Uwe (18 comments.) says:

    Well.. THATS a fast Dashboard, awesome update!

  8. Linda says:

    I have two wordpress sites, eahc with the same theme (and latest version before this release9. One of them upgraded automatically, the other one just gets stuck at “Unpacking the update.” and nothing more happens.

    Any idea?

  9. Jack Yan (2 comments.) says:

    I’m going to be the party-pooper on this page and say the upgrade button was a bunch of cobbllers. After 10 minutes, nothing noticeable happened other than a status bar (at the bottom of the browser) saying that WordPress was ‘reading’ from our server. After reading that others could sort theirs out in a minute or two, I stopped the process and now my entire install is corrupted. I am currently in the middle of doing it the long way and it appears our database has remained intact.
       A word of warning to those who are waiting 10 or more minutes: do not cancel the process. Wait it out. And back up everything.

    • Linda says:

      It’s been over 20 minutes now for one of my blogs *am scared*

    • Frans Hollander (6 comments.) says:

      Just updated WP from 2.8 to 2.8.1 the hard way (manually) including backing up my files and database.

      Next time it would be nice if WP also announces there’s no database update in it.

      Upgrade was simple, easy and fast!

  10. Philip Barron (1 comments.) says:

    Flawless upgrade for me, as usual.

  11. Rod says:

    Painless, always impressed with the workings of the WP community. TX

  12. Chris (1 comments.) says:

    Upgraded with no problems as well… always glad to to see security fixes.

  13. Joe (6 comments.) says:

    The dashboard is much faster, awsome upgrade. Thanks for the heads up.

  14. MuziekNu (1 comments.) says:

    Very simple to update, as easy as always. Thanks WP team!

  15. Bluey (1 comments.) says:

    just update today. speed increase a lot. :lol:

  16. Dan (1 comments.) says:

    Flawless update, excellent speed. Good work!

  17. mark (5 comments.) says:

    Upgraded and then had to go back to 2.8 due to white screens for the site – complete disaster. Perhaps a plugin issue?

  18. mark (5 comments.) says:

    PS, where in that link does it discuss the “few plugins” that are suspect…? Thanks

  19. John (1 comments.) says:

    Upgraded with no problems thanks

  20. Slow-1 (1 comments.) says:

    Using automatic update from dashboard was quick and easy. I disabled my plugins just in case but other than that the it went perfect and fast (less than 30 seconds)on each site.

  21. samtsai (3 comments.) says:

    I upgrade it, and now my Adsense-Deluxe plugin does NOT work. :(

    • samtsai (3 comments.) says:

      I get this error message “You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page”, when I want to access Adsense-Deluxe panel.

      • david23 says:

        I am also having problem with Adsense-Deluxe plugin after upgrading 2.8.1 with the following error

        You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page

  22. Mark (1 comments.) says:

    For me, 2.8.1 was the most anticipated update ever. I’ve been using WP for 3 years so the fact that I’m a fan of the platform is undisputed, but update from 2.7 to 2.8 was the biggest step back in WP history yet. I’m glad that phase is over and done with. 2.8.1 looks much better. I’m particularly happy about theme editor being reverted back to the old school one. 2.8 made editing freakishly awful.

  23. Hicham (36 comments.) says:

    Smooth upgrade that requires placing a ‘thank you’ to the team :)

  24. Renata (1 comments.) says:

    I’m facing some problems with WordPress 2.8.1. When I tried to update a post or a page nothing happens. I have always to create a new one in order to have it done.
    What can i do? Is there some plugin to fix that?

  25. Milan Petrovic (31 comments.) says:

    WP 2.8.1 benchmark results:

  26. metalpigs (1 comments.) says:

    so smooth… no problems encountered when updated automatically via dashboard.(unlike the previous one) thank WP!

  27. impulse (1 comments.) says:

    upgraded automatically from 2.8 to 2.8.1, went horribly wrong, and internal server error. Now doing it manually.


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  4. napoli081 (Cittadelmonte Press) (1 comments.) says:

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  5. JohnnyBizzel (Johnny B) (1 comments.) says:

    @RHoneywell Had a look at this thread – looks like some ppl have issues


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