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July 8th, 2009
WordPress Plugins

An excellent article you write needs to be shared, and by far there are lots of plugins that allow publishers to add options to allow readers to share content with others.

However I came across a really interesting and aesthetically done plugin that can draw attention to sharing. The plugin called Sexy Bookmarks definitely draws attention.


The plugin allows you to setup custom username that will be used for sharing on twitter, a custom category for sharing on Yahoo Buzz and also a choice of URL shortening service you can use, including your own custom URL shortening in the form of Twitter Friendly Links plugin.

I just started using it on my personal blog and definitely find that it adds more charm to sharing.

What are your thoughts about this plugin? do let me know.

Download Sexy Bookmarks Plugin




  1. Tinh (11 comments.) says:

    This plugin is awsome and it is really sexy as its name and I have tried this for 3 months on

    Great one to give a try guys, thanks for introduction

  2. George Serradinho (107 comments.) says:

    The plugin is awesome and there are so many options you can choose from. The sleek buttons makes it very appealing to others and it really lives up to it’s name ‘Sexy Bookmarks’ :)

  3. Frans Hollander (6 comments.) says:

    Very well indeed.

    But what features does it add to your blog, only bookmarking/feeding the article to ‘friendly’ sites. I say: to my blog it’ll be only overhead.
    I banned all those sites in my personal life, I only do linkedin.

    So for those people who like it I say to the creator of this plugin ‘You did very very nice work!’ and for me … just bad luck it doesn’t work for me.

    Keep up the good work ;-)

    • Otto (215 comments.) says:

      The plugin isn’t meant for you, it’s meant for your readers. Offering people a way to share your posts with other people means more people looking at your site.

      Even if you don’t use those services, other people do.

      • Brian Meagher (8 comments.) says:

        Otto, you make a great point.
        It really IS for the readers.

        But I see this plugin, as sexy and nice as it “looks”, as not very “user” friendly. The icons are hidden. Whose clicking on these icons? Do readers really use “sexy bookmarks” or “sharethis” or “addtoany”? Do they even know what the Icons mean, considering these particular icons are half hidden?

        These plugins all put their Javascript in the header, a no-no.
        Put it in the footer, so the page can load faster.(thanks, YSlow from Yahoo.)

        I was thinking of going only with the Tweetmeme button, to keep things simple. Twitter is the big dog for now.

        This post got me looking for a plugin/sociable network thing that puts it’s javascript in the footer, and I was disappointed to see that none do.

        If anyone knows of a “Share This” type of plugin that puts it’s javascript in the footer, please let me know.


  4. Fernanda Gomez (7 comments.) says:

    Very cool! thanks for the link and sharing

  5. papernoise (1 comments.) says:

    This is great! It’s the first plugin of this kind that really looks good! Thanks a lot!

  6. Jim Rome (1 comments.) says:

    I’m going to give the plugin a try, thanks for the heads up.

  7. theCount (4 comments.) says:

    I´ve been using this plugin on my clutterlovers blog for a few weeks now not only is it excellent it also looks good too…

  8. Babs (37 comments.) says:

    I really like that plugin. It’s very pleasing to look at and readers can’t miss it. Sadly a couple social networks I belong to (and, thus, have readers from) aren’t part of the package. I keep hoping they will get added, but until then the Share This link does sit nicely in my posts’ subheaders.

  9. oche (1 comments.) says:

    nice post.
    i think i will try this plug-in

  10. Mario (1 comments.) says:

    What is the performance like? That’s what I’m always curious about.

  11. Atul (2 comments.) says:

    will try it on mine blog

  12. urbanworkbench (1 comments.) says:

    I think it looks great, but in looking at the outgoing links in my analytics, even with this added sexiness, my readers are not interacting with it, maybe I’ll do a post on “sharing is caring” to encourage some interaction!

  13. Kamtizone (3 comments.) says:

    Looks nice!
    But is it pass validation when we using the plugin?

    I’ve just use the almost same plugin (forget the name) the looks is like an mac launcher. but it make my site get 40 error and 10 warning.


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