Tips For Troubleshooting Problems With WordPress

July 7th, 2009
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No software is perfect no matter how perfectly it is written, as there are external factors that may interfere with its working and cause problems, likewise with WordPress, which is always tested thoroughly before releasing them to general public, there may be areas of problems for users.

If you do face a problem, please do understand that there may be certain factors that may not have been tested for (and it is virtually impossible to test for every factor in this world) as there are so many different factors that cannot be accounted for while testing.

However if you do come across a problem with WordPress, don’t panic. The first thing you should do is to take stock of what the problem is and then head to the WordPress forums and search for similar problems like yours, more likely than not you will find a solution for your problem.

If you do not find a answer, create a new forum post and describe your problem as clearly and in a detailed format as you can. Keeping the forum post detailed helps, here are some things you may want to include.

  1. Which area of your blog is having a problem (admin area, write panel, home page etc)
  2. What is the problem you are facing.
  3. If you can provide Screenshots of your problems, it may help others who want to help you out and make it easier for them to understand.
  4. Any other details that may sum up your problem.

More likely than not you will receive a answer to your question within a short span of time.

It also helps to keep in contact with people who have advanced knowledge as they may help you out if you come across problem.

One more area where you can get help fast is social networking, you can ask for help there, quite recently one of the persons I know posted that he had a problem with one of his sites on Twitter, I saw that and messaged him, we had a quick chat and the problem was solved in 15 minutes.

All in all help is just a matter of forum post or social networking entry away, if all fails, there is also a WordPress support service which provides support through phone at WordPress Help Center, phone calls under 3 minutes are free, anything above that will be paid support.

Are there any better ways to troubleshoot problems with WordPress? Do you want to add to this list, do feel free to do that through your comments.




  1. mercime says:

    WordPress Help Center, now that’s a cool business model :-) Congrats to Alex King and Crowd Favorite.

  2. jcwinnie (5 comments.) says:

    As with other issues, there are different perspectives. For instance, while I might interpret it as being blown off by the developers, they may see it as a waste of time since it is very true that it is impossible to simulate all environments for testing.

    More specifically, I have repeatedly reported 2 problems with 2.8.

    1) In a Press This window, the text, which has been highlighted for publishing, momentarily appears then becomes invisible. (It still is there, and once the draft is saved and I return to it, I can see and edit it. I would prefer to be able to edit it when it first is captured.)

    2) After posting, the screen is blank. I have to return to blog home page to find my bearings. (This occurs upon first post and editing. It does not happen with comments.)

    Both issues occur with various browsers and on 2 different machines, a Microsoft Windows XP (Home) and an Ubuntu 8.04 tower.

    The developer response is it doesn’t happen to me. My response is to stop mentioning the issues. I still can use WordPress and am grateful for it. It is irksome to me when they talk the talk, but don’t walk the walk, but, then, that’s my problem.

    • Babs (37 comments.) says:

      I feel for you.

      Back when 2.7 was released a good number of folks were having issues track/ping backs. We were told that it was the result of a change in how WP handles them and that the problem was fixed in 2.7.1. Yet everyone at the forum was still reporting the same problem with that version.

      Weeks later, the techies did a complete 180 and insisted that the problem had to be on the user end as no changes had been made to the track/ping backs function.

      So, how do you fix a problem when you’re getting two different stories?


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  2. WordPressYes (WordPress Yes!) (94 comments.) says:

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