WordPress Plugin Releases for 04/11

April 11th, 2009
WordPress Plugins

New Plugins

WP Frame Breaker

Uses a short JavaScript to remove any containing frames around your WordPress site. The Digg toolbar now adds frames to sites, affecting site owners traffic stats and SEO. Using “WP Frame Breaker” will force your site out of the Digg containing frame.

Private Tags

The “Private Tags” WordPress plugin allows users to specify a list of tags or categories to keep hidden from the public – all posts within the specified tags/categories, and the tags/categories themselves, will not be visible to anyone but the original author.

Traffic Exchange

Install this plugin to your WordPress blog, enter your Traffic Exchange List username into the plugin settings page, and automatically when you write about the traffic exchanges listed it will make the names links to the Traffic Exchange List page with your referral link.

Blog Audit

Blog Audit is a WordPress plugin which helps you audit your blogging process. It does that by tracking 4 types of activities and match those activities with your blogging goals.

Admin Expert Mode

Hide all inline documentation in the admin pages for users who are familiar with the various features and input fields of the WordPress admin.


SpamTask is a new anti-spam plugin for WordPress, and catches all spam robots with 100 % certainty. It’s the most advanced spam filter for blogs in the world, and exactly what you need if you’re tired of spam comments getting through on your blog.

Allow Multiple Accounts

Allow multiple user accounts to be created from the same email address.

Blog Minder

This plugin will remind you if you have not posted something new on your blog recently enough based on a threshold you set on a per-user basis.

Hide Broken Shortcodes

Prevent broken shortcodes from appearing in posts and pages.

Updated Plugins

Simple PayPal Donate

Simple PayPal Donate is a WordPress plugin that provides a basic ability to display PayPal donation buttons on your blog.




  1. Sriraj (27 comments.) says:

    May I know why a private tag must be used?
    I mean what could be in the mind of its developer?

    • brad (2 comments.) says:

      A private tagging/category system which I assume would be hidden from google as well would make managing multi author blogs or post specific advertising very easy. This plugin will work well in conjunction with a number of others.

  2. Viet (3 comments.) says:

    Out of curiosity, which plugin do you use to display the total # of comments of each user, like you have here ?


  1. cgiridhar (Giridhar) (1 comments.) says:

    Bookmarked “WordPress Plugin Releases for 04/11 | Weblog Tools Collection” ( )

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