WordPress Plugin Releases for 04/07

April 7th, 2009
WordPress Plugins

New Plugins

No Frames

No frames removes the browser frames sometimes imposed on your site.

Ads For Old Posts

The Ads For Old Posts plugin will automatically insert an ad block in your posts once they reach a certain age. The idea is to not bother your regular readers with ads, but display the ads for people who may find your posts months and years later.

Skype Online Status

The plugin Skype Online Status allows you to add one or multiple, highly customizable and accessible (!) Skype buttons to your blog. You can pick any of the available Skype button themes that will show your online status and place them in your pages and posts content (with a neat little Skype quicktag button in the WYSIWYG editor), in your sidebar via widgets (unlimited number) or anywhere in your theme template files.

Linkify Categories

Turn a string, list, or array of category IDs and/or slugs into a list of links to those categories.

Breadcrumb Trail

Breadcrumb Trail is a navigational tool that shows a hierarchical menu of where a visitor is on your site. It provides a new template tag called breadcrumb_trail() that can be used to show a breadcrumb menu anywhere within your theme.

WP Campaign Monitor

Add a widget to your site that collects and saves email addresses to a database of Subscriber Lists that syncs seamlessly with your Campaign Monitor account.

One Click Close Comments

Conveniently close or open comments for a post or page with one click.

Link Juice

The plugin is designing to place noFollow tags on Category pages, external links in the Sidebar and also stops the problem of duplicate posts by removing the ability to self-ping own posts.

Updated Plugins

Latest Posts by Category

As the plugin name says, the plugin displays the latest posts based on the category you configure.

Linkify Authors

Turn a string, list, or array of author IDs and/or slugs into a list of links to those authors.

WP Greet Box

This plugin lets you show a different greeting message to your new visitors depending on their referrer url.




  1. alanjiang (2 comments.) says:

    thks share

  2. George Serradinho (107 comments.) says:

    I think ‘Ads for old posts’ is a very good idea. I don’t use it on my site, but the idea is good.

  3. Sriraj (27 comments.) says:

    Me too.. Ads for old posts is nice but I’ve haven’t yet reached that stage to use it. It looks similar to ‘Oz,who sees ads’ plugin though..


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