WordPress Plugin Releases for 03/18

March 18th, 2009
WordPress Plugins

New Plugins

Query Posts

This widget gives average users the ability to show off their posts in any way they’d like. Nearly 40 options are available to show posts from the widget controls. The widget can also be used an unlimited number of times.

Related Websites

The Related Websites plugin is the Blog Traffic Exchange. By a blogger for bloggers. No advertising on member blogs. Just a pure, highly relevant blog traffic exchange. Think of it as a related posts for the blogosphere.

To Do List

Maintains a to do list in the admin area. This can be viewed in the admin area, and edited/saved etc. It is saved as a text file in the Plugin folder. Blog owners can keep track of tasks and activities, and any other information necessary.

AVH First Defense Against Spam

The AVH First Defense Against Spam WordPress plugin gives you the ability to block spammers before any content is served. Spammers are identified by checking if the visitors IP exists in a database served by or by a local blacklist.

WordPress Reset

Resets the WordPress database back to it’s defaults. Deletes all customizations and content. Does not modify files only resets the database.

Unstyle Comment Replies

This plugin will remove comment reply classes and create custom classes for parents with zebra striping.

LibXML2 Fix

Work around for some versions of libxml2 2.7.x that strip out brackets when parsing XML.

Updated Plugins

Index Tag Page

With this plugin, you will be able to display an index with all your tags, sort alphabetically. The shortcode is [indextag nb=XX ul=YY li=ZZ letter=LL menu=1/0]. Page in French


GoCodes let’s you create shortcut URLs to anywhere on the internet, right from your WordPress Admin. The plugin is also useful for masking affiliate program URLs.

GD Press Tools

GD Press Tools is a collection of various additional administration tools. This tools can be integrated into the various WordPress admin panels, can perform maintenance operations, chanage some aspects of WordPress.

Shadowbox JS

A javascript media viewer similar to Lightbox and Thickbox only better. Supports all types of media, not just images. This plugin uses Shadowbox.js written my Michael J. I. Jackson.

Web Invoice – Invoicing and billing for WordPress

Web-Invoice lets you create and send web invoices and setup recurring billing for your clients.


Easily post source code such as PHP or HTML and display it in a styled box.

Clean Options

Finds orphaned options and allows for their removal from the wp_options table




  1. Sunil Pathak (2 comments.) says:

    Related Websites seems to be a good tool but the terms and conditions are a little too much. though my blog can pass them all with flying color. but not many blogger will feel comfortable with it


  1. IsaacVanName (Isaac Van Name) (4 comments.) says:

    WordPress Plugin Releases for 03/18 (via @JorgeMudry)


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