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Two column, widget and gravatar ready theme, with detection of visitors from search engines



This theme features Widgets, a clean readable css file, and printer friendly style sheet, variable title tags, multiple layouts, random homepage photos, minimal images to load, h1 titles on pages and posts, and many other specific things that I think make up a usable WordPress theme.

The Thematic Theme Framework


Thematic is a WordPress Theme Framework perfect for the beginner blogger and experienced developers looking for a solid design platform. Version 0.9 is a complete re-think of the front end and a major refinement of the back end. 13 Widget ready areas (with options for more). It supports gravatars, threaded comments, and sticky posts. There’s a simple Theme Options page. And layout possibilities for 1, 2 or 3-column layouts.

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  1. Ronaldo (1 comments.) says:

    Is Thematic ‘perfect for the beginning blogger’? Perhaps Ian has updated this and changed things since I last tried it a couple of months ago, I am not sure.

    But the last time I tried it, I found it not terribly easy to work with. Certainly the logic [parent / child or framework as Ian calls it] is great, but to simply plug a theme into an existing site with hundreds of posts is not terribly easy!

    Ian, if you happen to read this, sorry to take a stick out on you. That is not my intention. But I think all of you working on Framework or Parent/child theming concepts need to be a bit careful of phrases which try to get ‘beginning bloggers’ involved until MUCH better documentation and implementation occurs.

    Sure, for those knowledgeable with CSS, it can sound simple, but quickly those with HTML and CSS knowledge will find themselves involved with a very PHP world PLUS a WordPress world they might not have time to ensue.

    My personal recommendation for the coming generation is not so much to focus on how you can make a business, but rather how to make this workable for many WP users who want a better “framework” but can’t dive into tech forums right away. That will eventually build business!

    I think in the longterm, if the business scenario behind much of this thrust is to build trust and ease of adding a theme, many people will join.

    But I disagree that the current status is “for beginners”. Documentation / Forums / Support is still very much geeky (tech stuff using geeky terminology which takes hours if not days to figure out for the non-initiated) and still in short supply, certainly not good, foundational stuff (codex is getting outdated as WP pushes too quickly for updated technology).

    Just another opinion. I look forward to some intelligent discussion on this.

    • Ian Stewart (28 comments.) says:

      I have all sorts of folks posting in the ThemeShaper forums, beginning bloggers, WordPress developers, you name it. Using Thematic is as simple as any other theme, you just activate it. It doesn’t matter how many posts you have.

      The only real difference between editing, or using, Thematic and another theme is this: I recommend it happen in another file; the Child Theme. I recommend this for every theme too (and more and more people are also recommending this). Thematic makes this process easier than other themes. Version 0.9 adds a sample Child Theme and a series of cut and paste code snippets on the ThemeShaper sites.

      Thanks for your opinion, Ronaldo. If you ever have problems with Thematic you can always check out the ThemeShaper forums. We’d be glad to help you.

  2. George Serradinho (107 comments.) says:

    Some nice themes above.

  3. LogoBlink (1 comments.) says:

    I find “Copacetix” interesting, but confusing. With a little more work on it – it could become a bestdownloader :)

  4. Liza (1 comments.) says:

    Yeah the The Thematic Theme Framework is an awesome theme!

  5. Joachim (4 comments.) says:

    I love the Thematic Theme!!

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