WordPress Plugin Releases for 01/31

January 31st, 2009
WordPress Plugins

New Plugins

Feed Reading Blogroll

The plugin displays for all your bookmarks with a separately saved feed-url, when the most recent update has occured at the bookmarked site.

Store Locator

This is a store locator / location finder plugin that provides mapping tools for web designers & developers who create sites in WordPress & web site owners who need to show store locations or any set of locations on their website(s). Uses Google Maps.

My Comments Elsewhere

This plugin collects the comments you posted on other people’s websites and lets you display them on your own blog. The process is entirely automated and works across all websites.

Instapaper ‘Read Later’ Links

This plugin allows you to embed Instapaper ‘Read Later’ links adjacent to each post on your blog. Either use the template tag to display the links wherever you wish or let the plugin automatically display the links for you.

Full Comments On Dashboard

A simple plugin that displays full comments on the Recent Comments dashboard box.

Upcoming Posts

A nice plugin which creates a widget which shows your scheduled posts or drafts with excerpt and more infos.


Import friends from Hyves, a social networking website.


WP-Validate collects all the pages on your site and runs them through the W3C’s HTML Validator.

No Sub-Category Posts in Loops

Once activated, only posts from the current category are displayed in your loop (no posts from sub cats).


A user can twitter your blog post over the web.

Simple Popup Plugin

This plugin makes it easy to create a simple, modifiable popup window.

Simple PayPal Donate

Simple PayPal Donate is a WordPress plugin that provides a basic ability to display PayPal donation buttons on your blog.

Updated Plugins

Contextual Related Posts

Display a list of contextually related posts for the current post. You can select the number of posts to display and if you want to automatically display the related posts in your content / feed.

Stray Random Quotes

Stray Random Quotes helps you collects and display random quotes everywhere on your blog. The plugin is widget compatible, and the appearance of the quotes can be highly customized. It comes with a easy to use, advanced management tool and a option page.

Resize at Upload Plus

Automatically resize (i.e. scale down) images after uploading.

ZD YouTube FLV Player

Display FLV and YouTube Video in you blog in a Custom Player. Usage: [zdvideo]url[/zdvideo].


Dodo is a WordPress plugin that personalizes your blog homepage to any of your registered users.

TDD Recent Posts

Simple widget that displays the recent posts with a short content preview.

Visitor map generator

Grabs your visitor IP addresses and generates a map for those visits. You can define most parameters from it’s options page.

Smart Archives Reloaded

An elegant and easy way to present your archives.




  1. tapirul says:

    now, why the Googel Code page opens only in japanese??

  2. Denis says:

    Thanks, this list of plugins is really usefull. Especially “My Comments Elsewhere” plugin.

  3. Hikari (14 comments.) says:

    Nice list of plugins, tnx for the review!

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