WordPress Plugin Releases for 12/06

December 6th, 2008
WordPress Plugins

New Plugins

WordPress Case Insensitive Login

Overrides the WordPress function for login authentication with a very small tweak to accept a case-insensitive username.


A powerful suite of tools that extend the WordPress platform, enabling you to manage and track all of your online marketing and advertising efforts directly from your WordPress admin panel. Manage all of your affiliate links and conversions without having to use multiple tools to set up ads in posts and landing pages, manage your inventory and track results. Now you can manage your online marketing with greater control and ease of use than ever before.

WP Server Date Time

This plugin is useful when you want to know what date time is it on server where WordPress is hosted if you are in other timezone.

Drop-in .pdfList

Creates a list of thumbnails (created on-the-fly by ImageMagick) linking to .pdf attachments. Also creates thumbnails for .zip archives.


WebComic makes any WordPress theme webcomic ready by adding new template tags and widgets specifically designed for publishing webcomics.

Quick Reply Template Plugin

Allows you to specify a reply template for the quick reply feature in WordPress 2.7+.


This plugin allows you to add an ajax-updated countdown to your blog.

Remove Stopwords From Slug

This plugin removes the stopwords from the URLs for better SEO optimization of your blog. You can set the stopwords in the admin panel.

RSS Icon Widget

The idea is to have a widget to display a link to any rss feed with a standard feed icon.


Reduce image file sizes and improve performance using the API within WordPress.

Pimp My WordPress

This is a simple WordPress plugin that allows you to automatically display your installed plugins.

WordPress PayPal Donation

This plugin adds a PayPal donation button to posts and/or theme.

Updated Plugins


Integrate badges on your blog to display the number of followers you have on Twitter.

Simple Newsletter

This plugin is a simple newsletter plugin. It can show opt-in form, save opt-in email and name, and send emails to your opt-in list.

Global Translator

Automatically translates your blog in fourteen different languages!

Theme Tweaker

Theme Tweaker lets you modify the colors in your theme with no CSS/PHP editing.

WDM News

This plugin show like widget a little sentence with date and time of publication.

Visual Code Editor

Visual Code Editor modifies WordPress’s behavior so that code format is preserved when using the visual code editor.


Add a Background sound or music to each section of your Blog.




  1. Frank Lucas says:

    The “Drop-in .pdfList” sounds great but when you go to the page, there does not seem to be a way to download the plugin. Great, otherwise.

  2. ChrisM (13 comments.) says:

    If you don’t mind my .02 being thrown in, the WordPress Case Insensitive Login plugin sounds like a convenience, but possibly a security risk, in terms of manual brute force attacks? Especially if the plugin’s use on a site could be easily identified.

    Remove Stopwords From Slug – this currently has one fairly important support thread that is worth monitoring, especially if you are considering downloading it. Hopefully code will be updated soon, or the problem with older posts doesn’t effect many others.

  3. Stephen Cronin (30 comments.) says:

    There are so many new plugins coming out all the time. Mostly, I don’t find any that are useful, but there are several here that I may use, especially Remove Stopwords From Slug (when it’s fixed) and WP

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