WordPress Plugin Releases for 11/18

November 18th, 2008
WordPress Plugins

New Plugins


Add Project HoneyPot traps to your blog to help catch these spammers and comment spammers.


Use your blog as an event management tool. You can create an event – the plugin will let people sign up for the event – it can also show a list of all the attendees. Once the event is done, you can deactivate the event and no more sign ups will be allowed.

Shared Items Post

Shared Items Post is a WordPress plugin that automagically creates a blog post from your Google Reader Shared Items feed. You can schedule the post to go out daily, weekly, or monthly and even set the time of day.

Author Avatars

This plugin provides a widget which allows you to show avatars of blog users.

Resize At Upload

The plugin affects the uploaded image while it is uploaded. Straight after it is uploaded, it will be resized physically to the given width. There is no original image or backup left.


This plugin allows you to insert high quality and YouTube videos and also video in normal quality.


AutoFields will auto fill the Excerpt and add an Image custom field based on the data you entered into the contents editor.

Bayesian top title learner

Display links to your most ‘interesting’ posts, where interestingness is determined automatically by a Bayesian learning algorithm.

Embed Iframe

Allows the insertion of code to display an external webpage within an iframe.

Twitter Status

Get the current Twitter message for your blog authors.

Updated Plugins


GoCodes lets you create shortcut URLs to anywhere on the internet, right from your WordPress Admin.

AllWebMenus WordPress Menu

The AllWebMenus WordPress Menu add-in & plugin combination is designed to retrieve information from your blog (such as posts, pages, etc.) and import it into the AllWebMenus application to create stylish menus based on the structure of your blog.

Email Users

A plugin for WordPress which allows you to send an email to the registered blog users.

Post Templates

A plugin that allows you to create and use templates in order to facilitate writing of similar posts/pages.

Twitter Tools

Twitter Tools is a plugin that creates a complete integration between your WordPress blog and your Twitter account.

Add Post Footer

Add Post Footer automatically add any custom paragraph, html code, ad code, Technorati tags and/or related links list to the end of every posts.

Last Viewed Posts

This plugin displays the posts (and pages – if you want) that have been recently viewed by the visitor (single view).




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