WordPress News for 11/15

November 15th, 2008
Blogging News, WordPress

Help test the new version of WordPress for iPhone using the iPhone simulator by downloading the latest 1.2beta1 code from the WordPress trac. Details about the features of the new version and the download links are available from the WordPress for iPhone blog. Thank TUAW and The Blog Herald.

A nice roundup of photoblogging themes and plugins available for WordPress was published by WPCandy. Many of the links are collections themselves. Definitely worth a looksee if you are looking for a nice photoblog.

Nathan Rice posted a Definitive guide to Sticky posts in WordPress 2.7 complete with screenshots, style suggestions, code examples and custom loop suggestions. He even outlines a method to ignore stickies completely.

Intense Debate, recently acquired by Automattic, is back with a stronger product and a much more integerated and user friendly WordPress plugin that makes the task of switching back and forth from ID easier and less painful. Let us know if you switched and how it went. Thanks to RWW and a bunch of other sources.

To round off this news round up, we have 8 Common Sense Tips for Writing Clean WordPress Blog Posts. Lots of well illustrated tips on cleaning up your blog posts and making them more presentable for both humans and machines. I think this would be one of those must have bookmarks for people just starting off in blogging with WordPress.




  1. John (35 comments.) says:

    thanks for the roundup.

  2. Chewru Guru (3 comments.) says:

    How about a client for the TMobile G1? Not everyone has the iPhone. WordPress should be making sure their software gets out to as many platforms that can support it? Android obviously can (and is superior to Apple!)

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